Cloud Gaming Direct from Google Search: Testing on Stadia, Xbox Cloud, and Luna

Google is testing a technology that lets you open cloud games directly from search results on the internet: a system that, apparently, is compatible not only with Stadia, but also with Xbox Cloud and Amazon Luna, so all main streaming platforms.

After clarifying that Stadia is not about to close, Google is preparing to implement a feature that everyone had been hoping to find since the launch of the service, but that for some reason has been delayed until today: the ability to press the “play button” and immediately play a title found via the search engine.

The mechanism still requires some preliminary steps, especially the fact that you are logged in with a profile to which accounts linked to the various streaming platforms are associated, and at the moment it does not have full compatibility with all available games.

However, we are certainly faced with a potential watersheda feature that can make cloud gaming substantially more immediate and relaunch it even in its currently less popular forms like Stadia and Luna.

Not to mention Xbox Cloud, Microsoft’s streaming service included with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which can substantially benefit from a similar feature for PC and mobile users.

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