Coritiba x Atltico: see the probable lineups for the Brazilian match

Everson tries to help Atl
photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Everson tries to help Atltico win again in the Brazilian

Coritiba and Atltico face each other this Sunday morning, at 11 am, at the Couto Pereira stadium, for the 22nd round of the Brazilian Championship. Coxa is trying to get away from the relegation zone, while Galo is trying to get back on track after being eliminated in the Copa Libertadores. See possible scales.

Atltico trains for a game against Coritiba; see photos


Coach Gustavo Mornigo will have news for the game against Atltico. On the left side, Egdio returns after serving a suspension. He enters the fight for the title with Guilherme Biro and Rafael Santos, hired from Cruzeiro.

In addition to Rafael Santos, midfielder Juan Daz, Venezuelan defender Jhon Chancellor, midfielder Gabriel Boschilia, and striker Matheus Cadorini are regulars at the IDB and can be listed.

On the other hand, the coach does not count on Alef Manga, suspended. Jos Hugo and Adrin Martnez fight for the spot in the team.

Coritiba should enter the field with: Alex Muralha; Matheus Alexandre, Henrique, Luciano Castn and Egdio; Willian Farias, Bruno Gomes and Jess Trindade (Thonny Anderson); Hernn Prez, Jos Hugo (Adrin Martnez) and Lo Gamalho.


Coach Cuca should maintain the base of the team that started the match against Palmeiras, last Wednesday, when Atltico was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores.

Atltico have two absences for the game: midfielder Otvio, who suffered a thigh injury and will be out of action for an indefinite period, and Eduardo Vargas, who was not named by choice of coach Cuca. He was fined by the board because of the expulsion against Palmeiras, which harmed Galo in the penalty shootout – he was one of the team’s collectors and was out of the decisive moment.

The changes in the Atletico can happen on the sides. On the right, Mariano has been suffering from physical wear and tear and can be spared. If it happens, be replaced by Guga. On the left, Guilherme Arana returned to play against Palmeiras, ten days after having a muscle injury. He may be out to make a full recovery.

In attack, Ademir can lose his position in the starting lineup. Cuca can opt for a stronger midfield, with Nacho Fernndez, or bet on Pavn, who scored in the match against Athletico-PR.

Atltico must enter the field with: Everson; Mariano (Guga), Nathan Silva, Alonso and Arana (Rubens); Allan, Jair and Zaracho; Ademir (Pavn), Keno and Hulk.

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