Eliminated from Série D, Paraná Clube is without a national calendar for the first time in history | paraná club

The elimination of Paraná to Pouso Alegre will have an impact for at least two years on the club. With no possibility of access to Series C, Tricolor is without a national calendar until the end of 2024, being able to return only in 2025.

As the Paranista team was relegated from Paranaense in early 2022, it did not guarantee its classification for next year’s Série D and Copa do Brasil. With this, the club can only try for a spot in these competitions if it returns to the state’s first division in 2024.

The setback makes the Tricolor season come to an end. Now, the team will only play an official game again in April 2023, for Segundona do Paranaense.

From the fall to Serie C to no national division

The downfall of Paraná began in 2021. In Serie B, Paraná started the competition well, in the fight for the G-4. However, after undergoing changes, it dropped in production and was relegated to the Brazilian Series C. In the same year, the search for access began. However, with bad planning, the club accumulated its second fall in the same year, going to the last division of Brazilian football.

With a new management, under the command of President Rubens Ferreira Silva, the team started a new job. Once again, roster changes and considerable time to prepare for Paranaense 2022.

The result was far from expected. Paraná ended up relegated in last place, with just one victory in 11 games. In the midst of this, he fell in the first phase of the Copa do Brasil to the same Pouso Alegre. Only access to the C Series mattered.

Once again, the club underwent a restructuring, changed the entire coaching staff and bet on Omar Feitosa to lead the group in Serie D. With little preparation time, the team managed to make a good phase and advance to the knockout stage.

In the first challenge, he beat FC Cascavel on penalties. However, the only possible path was access to avoid two years without playing in a national championship. For that, it needed to get past Pouso Alegre and the quarter-finals of the competition. But it was not successful.

Now, Paraná will only play an official match again in 2023. In April, it enters the field for the Segundona do Paranaense – its only competition of the year.

Paraná Clube is for the first time in its history without a national calendar. — Photo: Allexandre Fellipe/Paraná

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