Enderson says that Bahia played a great game, defends Rodallega, but warns: “Nobody has a captive chair” | Bahia

It was in the struggle and with the brilliance of Matheus Davó that Bahia beat Ituano 2-0, on Friday night, for the 24th round of Serie B. At the Fonte Nova Arena, Tricolor had difficulty breaking through the opposing defense until Davó enter the second half and score the team’s two goals. [reveja no vídeo acima]

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But the match was tense for Bahia, which had the crowd impatient and booing Hugo Rodallega and Copete, substituted at the beginning of the second half. At the press conference after the game, coach Enderson Moreira defended the athletes.

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– Maybe, if Davó played the first half, a lot of people would ask why I put him to play. He is a player who attacks space, he needs exactly what happened in the second half. We work with the squad, we cannot rule out a player like Rodallega, who until recently was treated as distinguished. Now that he needs support, shall we rule it out? It’s not like this. Today Davó was fundamental, but he has also gone through difficulties. We’ve already heard “Tira Davó”. We have to be calm. We have two good strikers. One is living a better, positive phase. The other came back from injury and is struggling. That’s what we need to understand. Game features.

Enderson Moreira at a press conference — Photo: EC Bahia / Reproduction

– [Copete é]]a player that we also believe in. No one has a captive chair on the team. Now we can’t keep changing players all the time because we played a bad game. Sometimes the player is on a day that is not so good, technically speaking. But there is no lack of effort. In the first half we had chances created by his movement. We can’t go emotionally. We have to be calm,” he says.

Despite the problems, Enderson saw a great performance by the team and highlighted the support of the crowd.

– I think we played a great game, great. It was very difficult due to the quality of the opponent, and even so, we created five or six opportunities in the first half. Then we were efficient in the second stage. I wanted to thank the fans who encouraged us a lot. Thank you very much. This attitude was decisive for us to emerge with the triumph.

Bahia returns to the field next Tuesday, this time to face Londrina, at Estádio do Café, at 8:30 pm (Brasilia time).

See other excerpts from the press conference:

Alligator performance
– I’ve been talking to our extremes that they need to adapt on both sides. The player has to know how to flank. I think Jacaré did well on both sides, made good plays, had a very good posture and that only adds to him.

Choose by Marcinho and Goulart
There’s no physical problem. He is a player who was out of action for 12 days between leaving Santos and arriving here. Marcinho is different because he’s been around for much longer. Marcinho has been here much longer than Ricardo Goulart, and the game only started today. Goulart is understanding how things work, he is in the midst of a string of games. When we understand that they are ready, they will play, they will start, as Marcinho started today. I think Marcinho played a good game. He got off to a good start today.

Londoner and undefeated streak at home
If we take a good look at it, the Londrina team has grown a lot. They played a tough game against Cruzeiro, they were winning until the end. So what awaits us is a difficult game. They’re in the fight to touch the G-4. We need to prepare as best we can, even without time. This period of invincibility at home is important. Here we have to be strong, because as we win, we grow.

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