Expert warns never to talk to an iPhone thief

If your iPhone has been stolen, the best thing to do is not respond to possible messages from criminals. At least that’s what a hardware engineer named Paris Campbell revealed in a post on TikTok.

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Never answer the criminal if your iPhone was stolen

Your iPhone was stolen and the thief still sent you a message with some absurd proposal or just making threats? Never talk to him, advised a professional specialized in the area.

The engineer answered Stella Kim, an iPhone theft victim who reported the incident on her profile on the social network. The response racked up nearly 4 million views in less than a day.

Kim displayed texts from an unknown email address after her phone was stolen. The messages said her phone was “unlocked” and her personal data would be sold on the black market if she didn’t remove the device from her Apple ID.

In an interview with the website newsweek, Campbell said that in her engineering work, she sees victims of theft coming in with messages like these “daily”. They also fall for threats just as often.

Bandits will not have access to anything that is blocked

“Messages prey on people’s emotions, giving them the impression that they have access to personal things, like photos, even though they don’t,” Campbell said. “Many people don’t think clearly, they just think about wanting their data lost or not wanting it to fall into the wrong hands.”

You don’t need to remove the device

“The only reason these people are contacting you now is because your phone is really useless to them. You are the only person who can save them and I suggest not.” Therefore, the guideline is not to remove the device.

She even ends up pointing out that if the real owner of the iPhone doesn’t help, the thief will never be able to sell the device for a satisfactory value. The most they can do is take the device apart and sell some parts, which is pretty hard to do.

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