Find out which companies lead the ranking of abusive telemarketing

The whistleblower channel created by the Ministry of Justice has helped Brazilians to learn about the companies that make the so-called abusive telemarketing. They are those endless calls and messages, at any time of day, and that take the peace of many people. See the list of companies that lead the telemarketing ranking.

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All complaints that arrive through the Ministry of Justice’s platform are investigated by the Procons of each region. Since the launch of the whistleblower channel, more than 12,000 complaints from consumers dissatisfied with the practice of abusive telemarketing have been registered.

telemarketing ranking

The data is considered since the 20th of July, when the platform was launched. Based on the survey of companies that are in the ranking of abusive telemarketing, telephony and banks are highlighted.

See the list below with the companies that had the most complaints from consumers:

  • clear
  • Hey
  • Tim
  • Alive
  • Pan Bank
  • Itau
  • sky
  • Santander
  • Bradesco
  • Master Bank

The complaint registration form is available on the Ministry of Justice website. There, Brazilians also follow the list of companies most denounced by consumers every week.

Registration is done using the electronic form: It is necessary to inform the date and number of the telemarketing call – if any – in addition to the company name and other information.

The complaint can be made by any person who has been contacted by a company to offer products or services, without having expressed interest in receiving the calls.

The denounced company is subject to a daily fine of BRL 1,000 and the amount can reach BRL 13 million, with conviction in an administrative proceeding.

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