Google launches features and functionality against misinformation

Google. Photo: AFP

Google announced on Thursday (11) a series of features in Search to facilitate access to information from trusted sources in search results.

The new features, some expected to arrive later this year in Brazil, will allow you to quickly find the profile of the publication that appears in the search results, and issue a warning to users when content on a topic is rapidly changing.

In the latter case, the platform will show an alert at the top of the Search when there is sudden interest in breaking news or topics for which there are still no results from reliable sources available at the time of the query.

The features are built on advanced Search ranking refinement systems, such as MUM (Unified Multitasking Model), which are helping to increase the prominence of results that bring relevant information from trusted sources. With them, people will have more context to decide which is the most useful and reliable result for their search.

An unprecedented survey by the Poynter Institute and YouGov, supported by Google and carried out in seven countries – including Brazil -, found that the consumption of false information has been worrying people in different parts of the world. Among Brazilians, more than four in ten (44%) claim to access false or misleading information every day; while two out of three respondents in the country (65%) are concerned that they or their family members believe this type of information.

The survey also showed that most Brazilians have the habit of checking the veracity of information they find on the internet. Two in three (66%) say they check the source, while 59% say they check the date of publication.

Brazil was also the country where the most respondents claimed to use search tools to verify suspicious information (55%), ahead of Nigeria (51%), United States (42%), United Kingdom (40%), India ( 38%), Germany (36%) and Japan (13%).

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