how to get glossy hair

You know that smooth, shiny, glossy hair? The look turns and moves is on the red carpet, on the catwalks and on the heads of celebrities such as Dakota Johnson, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Dua Lipa. The trend calls liquid hair (hair liquid, in the literal translation) because the hair is fluid. The threads, ultra-aligned, become a mirror, soft as silk. Who doesn’t?

“This is the name given to that dreamy hair effect, so shiny and soft that it runs down the shoulders as if it were liquid”, says hairdresser Rudi Werner, from Rio de Janeiro. “It’s the famous straight from the catwalk, or the hair used for a shampoo advertisement, it reflects a lot of light!”, complements hair stylist Marco Antonio de Biaggi, from MG Hair Design, in São Paulo.

But don’t confuse the liquid Hair as wet hair. The latter calls for gel for a wet look. O liquid Hair it is an extremely polished smooth, full of movement. And the good news is that you can achieve this effect at home. See some tips below.

How to get liquid hair?

“The biggest secret is to use a good shampoo that has a type of oil in the formulation: shea, avocado, argan or grape seed butter. Then apply conditioner and rinse”, teaches Marco. Then, divide the strands in half and get ready for drying.

“The ideal is not to remove too much moisture — that’s why it takes longer to do. Apply the equivalent of two coins of a real defrizzing cream and use a large round brush. Remember that this hair doesn’t have volume at the root” , says Marco.

Wait for it to cool and, after about five minutes, apply the flat iron only once. Cool the flat iron, spray shine spray on the lengths and ends. “One more photo trick: bet on the product for curly hair, which usually has a lot of oils, to make the brush – the flat iron will take care of eliminating any curl”, says Marco.

The result is strands that are protected against moisture and hair that is light and disciplined, as well as shiny. “Invest in products suitable for your hair type and moisturize with nourishing oil every week. In addition, always have a repairing oil for ends to apply to your hair throughout the day (two to three times daily).

“Another tip is to avoid rubbing the towel on your hair and prefer satin pillowcases or satin cap for sleeping, which reduce the friction of the threads with the fabric and also the frizz”, says Rudi.

essential products

Thermal protectors, leave-ins and repairing oils are the main ones, in addition to a good hydration mask.

“It’s not a rule, but normally brown hairs are easier to treat. This happens because when bleached the hair becomes porous, with open cuticles, which facilitates the appearance of split ends, dryness and frizz. Blonde hair needs of a more intense routine of treatments, but they are also capable of achieving the desired liquid hair.”

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