IBM prepares first quantum supercomputer with more than 4,000 qubits

Supercomputer is planned for the year 2025

IBM is preparing its first quantum supercomputer with more than 4 thousand qubits. The computer system is expected to launch in 2025. The company has been investing in quantum computing for a few years and in 2021 it unveiled the IBM Eagle, a 127-qubit quantum processor.

It will take three processors to create a 4,158-qubit supercomputer

Quantum computing exploits the fundamental nature of matter at subatomic levels to provide computing power far greater than traditional computers. The Eagle processor was the first step for quantum systems to significantly outperform classical computers by achieving ‘Quantum Advantage’.

Multiple processors to create supercomputer

The successor to the Eagle will be the Osprey processor with 433 qubits of processing capacity, which should be launched in 2022. For 2023, IBM aims to introduce the world to the processor Condor, with 1,121 qubitswith almost 10 times more processing power compared to the Eagle.

For the creation of the quantum supercomputer with 4 thousand qubits, IBM seeks to implement a combination of processors within its system. This is where the Heron processor comes in, which will also be launched in 2023, with 133 qubits of processing power. O hero will have as a differential, and main function, its control hardware that will allow communication between two different processors.

Three Flamingo processors to achieve 4,158 qubits

From the creation of Heron, IBM will manufacture several processors until reaching the quantum supercomputer of more than 4 thousand qubits. Within the company’s schedule, in 2024 the Crossbill will be presented, with 408 qubits, formed by the combination of three chips, and also the Flamingo, with 462 qubits of processing capacity.

If everything goes according to the company’s plans, in 2025 IBM will form a quantum system with three Flamingo processors to create its first quantum supercomputer with 4,158 qubits. For 2026, the company expects to improve its system and improve the processing capacity of its new supercomputer.

IBM Quantum division leader Jay Gambetta says building the supercomputer will be revolutionary “This sea change will be tantamount to replacing paper maps with GPS satellites as we navigate the quantum future”. For now, it is difficult to be sure whether the company will be able to accurately meet all of its scheduled deadlines. To stay on schedule, the Osprey processor is expected to launch later this year, but so far IBM has not released any new information about the 433-qubit processor.


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