Is 5G Overheating Cell Phones? Some appliances exceed 48°C

The 5G connection has finally become a reality and tends to expand more and more throughout the planet. In Brazil, owners of compatible smartphones can already enjoy the high speed that the technology provides. However, the new bandwidth of internet connection is making cell phones hotter, say experts on the subject.

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Is 5G Overheating Smartphones?

Data on the possibility of 5G overheating cell phones was found by the company SmartViser, responsible for the ViSer application, which analyzes the useful life of smartphone batteries. According to the information, the chipset of the new connection tends to heat up the devices more than the old one equipped for 4G.

The company’s technical staff studied several new devices, equipped with Qualcomm, Exynos and MediaTek processors. They tested them in a ventilated room, ensuring good 5G coverage in the same location. So they started the tests, from which they were able to determine 3 groups of smartphones with totally different results and behaviors.

Cell phones progressively overheated with 5G

Check out what the perceptions were within each group of devices:

1 – In the first case, the device does not heat up excessively and the tests could be carried out until the end;

2 – In a second group of devices, the smartphone temperature can reach 48°C in just 20 minutes of 5G use. The device remained at this temperature until the end of the tests;

3 – Finally, the most interesting group was observed. It seems that some models are able to automatically switch from 5G to 4G. That is, to reduce the internal temperature of the device, the internal processing itself makes the change. This type of cell phone can go over 45°, but after about 25 minutes. Meanwhile, the device runs all apps in the background on the 4G network to reduce the temperature.

In order not to cause damage to the companies, SmartViser did not comment on which models were analyzed.

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