“It is our thinking”; Marcos Braz breaks the silence and indicates whether or not he will continue with Dorival Júnior in 2023


This is Dorival Júnior’s second time at Flamengo; coach has a contract with the carioca club until November

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Flamengo has risen from the ashes and is back in the fight for the titles of the Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil and Copa Libertadores. If with Paulo Souza the team did not have a standard, with Dorival Júnior the story is different and today the club is once again feared by opponents. All this happened thanks to the changes that the new coaching staff made to the team, in addition to the activities that the professional did to motivate the cast that was quite downcast. Even so, it is possible that Dorival will continue in Gávea next season.

When he arrived at Ninho do Urubu, Dorival Júnior signed a contract lasting until November. But if it depends on Marcos Braz, the professional will extend your bond longer. At least that’s what the director said during his interview with the Venê Casagrande (12). When asked about the commander’s future, Braz signaled that he should offer an increase in the medallion’s bond.

“This question is excellent, as it always starts to appear as we are approaching the end of the year. What I can say is that nobody hires a coach or nobody marries to separate. When you marry, you marry forever. Nobody hires thinking about firing. Our thought is to continue with Dorival, to be with him as we are now. It’s a natural process of football, of life. Dorival, he believed in our project, because he was in another club. I think it was good that he came to Flamengo, it was good for him to come to Flamengo. Normality is for him to continue“, highlighted the director who explained that if he hired the commander who was employed it is because Fla trusts in the project and in the quality of the coach.

“From the moment that Dorival was employed and accepted a break to come to Flamengo, believing in the project, the people and the club, it was a natural process for him to also want to continue. I think this needs to be dealt with naturally. We thought about continuing with him”concluded Braz.

This is the 2nd time that Dorival and Braz work together. The director explained why he chose to terminate the coach in 2018 after the Brasileirão runner-up at that time. “Dorival is an experienced, qualified professional. He had a good time at Flamengo here, we made the choice not to continue with him as soon as President Landim took over. It is normal, from the process, that you arrive and want to make some breaks, to understand that some modifications are necessary. Now, we understand that, even after Dorival’s two good stints, we came to the decision that he would be qualified to run the project. “In 2012, I wrote the following: ‘It doesn’t get any worse, Dorival is a good signing’. Back in the day, I already praised his hiring, as it was in 2018 and has been until now in 2022”, he added.

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