Know what to do using your cell phone when you’re really bored

It’s usual keep your cell phone in your bag and stay on social networks looking for interesting content that deserves to be shared and liked. However, there are more productive practices that make time go by fast and still configure the smartphone. Among so many gadgets, current devices can be organized, seeking to facilitate the use of all resources.

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Scrolling through the Instagram feed to check out the news and trends in the digital environment is amazing, but other actions are usually equally satisfying. In this way, you can optimize your routine, creating the habit of using short breaks in solving problems such as paying a bill, answering urgent messages and shopping.

Understand how you can use your cell phone in times of boredom to make your life more productive

Review home screen organization

Take this time to improve the look of your phone and leave those apps you use the most on your home screen. On the other pages, check apps that are not useful and delete them, rearranging the tabs according to use, such as ”social networks”, ”work”, etc.

Explore the world via Google Street View

In Google Street View it is possible to observe several sights and get to know the most famous streets in the world, so be sure to check out the panoramic views.

Do cell phone maintenance

Delete cached files to free up more memory and regarding battery consumption, check which platforms are receiving notifications, stimulating mobile network spending.

Clear mailbox and messages

Reply to pending messages and delete unused boxes, creating folders to organize email automatically.

Search for new music and podcasts in streaming

Put it on a playlist and discover new music with peace of mind, or choose a podcast with a topic that interests you. In that case, this tool can help you in your studies.

Discover new movies on Letterbox

Letterbox is an app where people review and share opinions on various works. Discover titles in this social network that have to do with your taste.

Check news from Google News

Google News is a free news app, providing up-to-date information on various subjects.

Test camera features and virtual assistants

Test the possibilities of the virtual assistant and smartphone features that may be useful in the future.

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