learn about 9 best tools that will turbocharge the Apple system

The devices of apple are highly coveted because the brand is concerned with ensuring innovation and quality, making its products available at an event responsible for creating expectations among consumers.

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At this year’s WWDC, the company presented the lines that will be available in official stores. The operating system update was the highlight of the exhibition, with numerous new features. As of September, those with recent models will be able to upgrade their processing, taking advantage of this advanced support.

In some cell phones the beta version is being tested, so access is provisional until it becomes official. One of the most awaited improvements is related to battery usage. Therefore, the upcoming smartphones are expected to consume less energy while maintaining the usability of tools that need mobile network.

Discover the features provided by Apple’s new iOS system

1- Live objects

Deleting image backgrounds and moving objects while editing is now a reality through the use of artificial intelligence.

2- New customization options

New layout templates and options for customizing the home screen have emerged, with dynamic skins and screensavers.

3- New information in the Weather app

The meteorological information will be presented accurately, detailing the average temperature, chances of rain and other factors throughout the day.

4- Search bar on the home screen

A search bar will be available on the home screen, making it easier to access applications.

5- New functions to watch videos through Safari

Safari browser videos can be viewed in full screen, with subtitles and television projection.

6- Use iPhone as WebCam on Macbooks and iMacs

On Macbooks and iMAcs, the iPhone will have a special feature where it turns into a WebCam.

7- Save edits to apply to other images

Contrast, brightness, light and other effects can be saved so that the edit used on one photo can be replicated on the others.

8- Find duplicate photos and videos to delete

Seeking to facilitate storage, there is a feature that identifies duplicate photos that can be quickly deleted.

9- Edit or delete iMessage messages

iMessage is an exclusive app for Apple users and in this next update, messages will be able to be deleted. However, if the contact you’re chatting with isn’t running iOS 16, the conversation will continue to be available to them, just disappearing from your screen.

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