MPRJ requests the initiation of an investigation to investigate Vasco’s AGE

The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) ordered the initiation of an investigation to investigate evidence of fraud in the list of Vasco partners who voted at the Extraordinary General Assembly last Sunday, when the sale of SAF to 777 Partners was approved.

The 2nd Public Prosecutor’s Office for the territorial criminal investigation of the central area and the port area of ​​the Rio de Janeiro nucleus requested last Monday, one day after the AGE, that Vasco be summoned to clarify possible flaws in the list. The club has already sent the documents.

– Vasco da Gama has already provided initial information to the MPRJ on the allegations made in court by three partners. The club forwarded documents and placed itself at the full disposal of the MPRJ to contribute whatever is necessary for the investigation of the complaint – informed Vasco.

The MPRJ requested the complete registration data of the members able to vote in the last AGE and also requests that the voter data be updated. Vasco still needs to provide information on joining re-registration and amnesty programs. There is, however, nothing to prevent the continuity of the SAF transition process.

The investigation takes place after a group of partners presented crime news, even before the AGE, about irregularities committed in the vote carried out by Vasco. Read an excerpt from the MPRJ’s letter:

“According to the news, there is strong evidence that there is “maneuver to modulate the list of partners able to vote in order to guarantee the approval” of the aforementioned operation (in reference to the SAF).

In fact, there are indications of crimes that demand investigation and the opening of a police investigation to determine the authorship, but there is, at this moment, no complete evidence that calls into question the fairness of the next vote. The expertise of the list of voting partners has already been requested in the 33rd Civil Court of the District of the Capital (proc. nº 0830848-60.2022.8.19.0001), and the Magistrate did not grant the requested preliminary injunction”.

Vasco’s partners approved at the AGE, last Sunday, the sale of 70% of SAF to 777 Partners. There were 3,898 votes to approve and 976 votes against. The company already controls Vasco football, but still finalizes bureaucratic issues to officially take over.

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