New Corello collection has shades of pink inspired by Barbie fashion

The Brazilian brand Corello launched its collection for spring-summer 2022/23, the bags and shoes bring the pink and silver tone, with glitter and metallic, inspired by and remembering the Barbie fashion that has gained prominence in recent months.

Barbie or Barbiecore fashion, which means nothing more than dressing like the famous fashionista Barbie doll, using shades of pink in clothes, shoes and accessories that refer to her, has been gaining strength in recent times due to the release of the movie Barbie, scheduled for next year (2023) in theaters. The doll will be played by Margot Robbie and the Ken doll by Ryan Gosling. In Brazil, it couldn’t be different, while in the rest of the world pink fashion is strong, here many brands are betting on the look as well, as is the case with Corello.

Margot Robbie as Barbie during the filming of the film (Photo. Playback / Instagram)

The new collection easily answers the question: ”What outfit would Barbie wear to a glam club?”. With pieces in pink and metallic, the collection brings a lot of glamor and style to the productions of Brazilian women who want to adhere to the style or simply like the pink tone.

The film, even before being released, is already generating a trend among famous fashionistas, in the fashion shows of international and national brands, and of course, on social networks.

pink bag

The pink bags are very prominent in the collection as the color is on the rise. The brand bet on the tone in smaller pieces that give all the charm to the look.

Image from the Corello collection. (Photo. Reproduction / Instagram)

pink shoe

Pink shoes are also taking over the collection in different models, from the thickest heels to the thinnest and with traditional and thin toes.

Image from Corello’s collection (Photo. Reproduction/Instagram)

metallic shoe

In addition to the pink tone, the brand also invested in the metallic tone, which refers to the style of Barbie and glam.

Image from Corello’s collection (Photo. Reproduction/Instagram)

metallic bag

The bags also gained the metallic tone, with different and beautiful models to use and compose the look with a touch of Barbie.

Image from Corello’s collection (Photo. Reproduction/Instagram)

The brand’s new collection is now available on the website and in stores throughout Brazil, with prices ranging from R$329.90 for a shoe and R$629.90 for a bag. There are also more affordable options for other models.

Featured Photo: New shoes from the collection. Photograph. Playback / Instagram

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