New WhatsApp update compromises users’ privacy?

We know that the Whatsapp is the most used messaging application by Brazilians in the country and around the world. Despite the existence of some that are even more advanced in some areas, such as Telegram, it seems that we are all really passionate about blue whiting. Why are we so loyal to him?

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Maybe it’s the way it’s designed, as the app is extremely intuitive and can be used by literally anyone. Perhaps it is the large number of resources what can we have access to? Because there are not few, after all, we can use from fun stickers to good quality video calls.

The fact is that constant updates are always bringing new features, so this makes users always stay tuned for the application. Continuing without disappointing, WhatsApp has an update on the way that will please a lot of people, especially those who love to hear about gossip!

The novelty is still in the beta phase, that is, it is still being tested, but for now it is only being tested for Android, although this does not mean that the changes will not arrive for iOS as well.

This new update will give people the chance to check a list of users who have left or been removed from a group they are a part of. The list, in this case, will only have those who left up to a maximum of 60 days. This will cause a person’s departure or removal to be time-marked.

Therefore, if you are a person who has just joined the group or are not very aware of what is happening there, you will now be able to access this statement.

Bearing in mind, of course, that this feature is not limited to group admins. Everyone who is part of it will have access to the information. For now, only a few people have access to the feature.

These are the so-called “testers” of WhatsApp. As already said, they are only Android users, but the feature has been described as a success and it should hit smartphones of all kinds very soon.

This novelty won’t be the only one, so it should bring with it another big change for the app. In order for this new feature to be used more efficiently, WhatsApp will remove something that has always been a source of contention.

We’re talking about the notification that someone has been removed from the group! At the moment, everyone knows that someone was removed or left the group because of this notification, but it will “disappear”.

Of course, not entirely, as the admin will still be able to see the notification, but it will be gone for everyone else. The idea is to make the only way to see who has left the group or been removed is through this new list that is still being implemented.

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