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Premieres this week in cinemas in Nova Friburgo The beast. This is the typical fight for survival movie against a beast that stalks and attacks with moments of anguish, despair and fights against a disproportionate force that pursues in a growing hunt until the final clash with its victim. This approach has always been widely used in Hollywood and follows the same primer. As in Shark, the predator is always prowling the prey and is gradually introduced. The difference here is that currently the CGI provides a very different interaction with the characters and without mechanical puppets, which can cause problems when overdone, but in this movie, that’s not the case. Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur has a career with ups and downs, but he is quite used to action movies and he manages to lead the narrative very efficiently, playing his cards on the table from an early age and following with the drama that is being established. The biggest hit of the direction is in the plans and the way to conduct the sequences. There are fewer cuts and the camera participates in the action, which transports the audience to all that madness in a spiral that seems to always get worse. This is not common due to the difficulty of performing. These are long shots with people interacting with the CGI, which certainly required a lot of rehearsal and dedication. The script serves the purpose well and uses easy paths as it could not be otherwise. In this type of plot, we have to buy the idea and forget about some logic. In the cast Idris Elba is the dedicated father in crisis and Iyana Halley and Leah Jeffries are the daughters and together they have to deal with an unusual situation and extreme danger. It’s a good survival drama that uses the elements right to bring a family into the predator’s environment, without blaming the lion acting on its motivations. Tickets are worth it and the age indication is for people over 14 years old.

The other premiere this week is Daddy is Pop. With the release date deliberately chosen close to Father’s Day, the film discusses fatherhood with good humor, drama and the maturation of a father in the face of the great challenge that is to raise a daughter. Directed by Caito Ortiz and inspired by a book of the same name by Marcos Piangers, this production is very relevant because of the theme and how it is approached. Despite the clichés, and it couldn’t be different, it’s a beautiful portrait of how a couple’s life changes with the arrival of a child. You could even say it’s a good ear pull. It is important to emphasize that the film does not only address the paternal side, but also the maternal side in an honest and precise way. The plot is simple in terms of plot, but complex in dealing with relationships. It is like a rite of passage that involves a couple who are taking their initial steps, with the joys and difficulties that involve one of the most remarkable phases for the family. Lázaro Ramos, as always, very well and lavishing charisma, makes the romantic pair with Paolla Oliveira who manages and develops a real character in the right tone of the modern mother. Funny, exciting and relevant, it is one of the main national releases of the year and makes a loving tribute around Father’s Day. It is once again the demonstration that less is more and that Brazilian cinema is necessary for our culture and society. Tickets are worth it and the age indication is for people over 12 years old.

The last premiere of this week in cinemas in Nova Friburgo is evil twin. Directed and scripted by the little-known Finnish Taneli Mustonen, the film follows a simple and obvious playbook without making any attempt to bring anything new or creative. I believe that the idea that Mustonen worked on was inspired by the thriller productions of twenty to thirty years ago, but bringing this narrative to the present moment is a challenge that has gone a long way and the director ended up making an uninspired collage. It is worth noting that despite the film being in English and being distributed worldwide, it is part of a Nordic tradition of suspense and, therefore, the dramatic action has its particularities. Teresa Palmer is a hard worker, it may be the only element she likes, but that’s about it. It’s always bad when we come across a movie that tries to be bigger than it can be, it disconnects the purpose of the narrative and makes everything very exaggerated and confusing. A pity, after all, the idea is not bad, but unfortunately, apart from Teresa Palmer’s performance, everything else doesn’t work. It’s a psychological thriller that we’ve seen so many times that it will be forgotten the next day. The age indication is for people over 14 years old.

Suggestion: This week’s tip for watching at home goes to Stranger Things. I have already indicated the series several times and I insist again that it is worth giving special attention to this production, especially with the arrival of the fourth season. It’s one of Netflix’s darlings that comes full circle, despite the fact that the fifth season has already been announced. Exciting, nostalgic and dramatic, the series pleases with its plot and characters. In the last season, several cores are developed that talk, even without touching and the result is very good. It has one of the highest approval ratings by the public and is worth a marathon on the weekend.

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