peculiar names of candidates in the DF

Every election has candidates with peculiar nicknames. In 2022, it couldn’t be different. In the Federal District, Angelina Jolie, Débora Glamurosa, DJ Afrika, DJ Jamaica, Gilvan Macho are some of the candidates for district deputy.

Angelina Jolie is the political name of Angelina Rejane do Vale, a public servant of the DF. Débora Glamusora is, in fact, Débora Regina da Conceição de Alencar.

DJ Afrika and DJ Jamaica are Vinda Daniel Afonso and Jefferson da Silva Alves, respectively. And Gilvan Macho is the nickname of Gilvan de Sousa Araújo.

The list of candidates for public office with different names also includes Clebinho Team (Cleber Vilela Dourado), Cris do Coletivão (Cristiane Pereira dos Santos), Jesus Valentini Pessoa Humana (José de Jesus Silva Moreira Sobrinho), MC Bandida (Valéria Maria de Santana ) and Nego Tô Contigo (Raimundo Vitorino da Silva Filho).

There are also people who use the last name of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). One of them is Léo Índio Bolsonaro, cousin of the president’s children and nephew of his ex-wife. He doesn’t have Bolsonaro in his last name: it’s Leonardo Rodrigues de Jesus.

Fabiano Interpreter Bolsonaro, who became known for working as a Libra interpreter during official events of the Presidency of the Republic, is a candidate for federal deputy.

The deadline for registration of applications ends next Monday (15/8).

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