Ranked! Vitória beats Brasil-RS and advances to the quadrangular final of Series C

When Vitoria’s fans say that the audience was certainly bigger than announced on the electronic scoreboard, it’s not by chance. Anyone who sees Barradão full is sure that the world is there, dyed in red and black. Vitória only entered the G8 in a single round. And it was what it was worth: he beat Brasil de Pelotas by 3×1 at Barradão and is, yes, classified for the second phase of Series C. It’s real, fan! It’s real, cheerleader!

You can put faith, the Lion will rise. It was with this certainty that the red-black crowd filled Barradão again for a battle that everyone there didn’t want to be the final. Against a virtually relegated Brasil de Pelotas, Vitória played and won its survival this Saturday (13).

João Burse’s strategy in the first minutes was to press taking advantage of the momentum of the crowd. Eduardo and Rafinha almost got a good plot in the first five minutes, cut by the Pelotas defender. Eduardo returned to scare with an outside kick, which goalkeeper Otávio Passos caught with his chest. Luidy faltered and didn’t run for the rebound.

The high score came at a price: exposure on defense. Decisive wars require decisions to be made and the double-edged sword between exposing and attacking is latent. The risk was necessary, but Wilson Jr. had nothing to do with it and created good chances before 20 minutes. It was an open game.

After the famous opening 15 minutes, Vitória did not have a good game. Brazil created more and stole the ball with ease. Rafael Castro and Marcelinho created good chances, the latter requiring a good defense from Yuri Sena – who had missed the ball out in the throw.

But then, in the 31st minute, Eduardo sliced ​​a cross well into the head of Marco Antônio, who went up well and placed it in the corner of the goal to open the score and explode the red-black hearts in Barradão. He left crying at the celebration.

Mark Antony’s cry was a harbinger of joy. The goal reassured Vitória, who went down in peace to the locker room and returned ablaze.

more goals

To prove that normality is now another, of joy, Rafinha tried to show that he is part of João Burse’s empire and called the defense to dance before hitting dry and expanding the score. The second goal, 7 minutes into the final stage, which put Brasil de Pelotas on the ropes.

Then Victoria broke free. Tréllez missed a good chance inside the area. Soon after, Dionisio just didn’t score because someone blew the ball out.

Brasil de Pelotas gave a scare and managed to score with an own goal from the German side, in the 25th minute of the second half. A little earlier, Remo was slowing down against Botafogo in Ribeirão Preto and it might even have scared them a little.

Nothing that passed to the field. Four minutes later, Alemão himself redeemed himself by taking a corner to Marco Antônio’s head. The boy from the base climbed in slow motion, invaded the skies and took a whole crowd with him. For the 3×1 goal. And for the second phase. The Colossal is alive and ready to move up to Serie B.

Technical Sheet: 3×1 Brazil victory in Pelotas – Brazilian Serie C Championship – 19th Round

Stadium: Barradão, in Salvador

Victory: Yuri Sena, Alemão, Alan Santos, Marco Antônio and Sanchez (Iury); João Pedro, Dionísio (Zé Vitor) and Eduardo (Gabriel Honório); Luidy (Roberto), Trellez and Rafinha (Hitalo). Technician: John Burse.

Brazil from Pelotas: Otávio Passos, Marcelinho, Gabriel Peres, Rafael Castro and Gabriel Gomes (Gabriel Araújo); Sabino, Karl (Igor Silva) and Rafael Carvalheira (Jonatha Carlos); Biel (Matheusinho), Thiago Santos (Junior Pirambu) and Wilson Junior. Technician: Thiago Gomes.

goals: Marco Antônio, at 31 minutes of the 1st Half; Rafinha, at 7, Alemão (against), at 25, and Marco Antônio, at 29 minutes of the 2nd Half

Yellow card: Rafinha and Iury; Thiago Santos and Gabriel Peres

Public: 28,006 paying

Income: BRL 596,168.50

Arbitration: Douglas Marques das Flores, assisted by Anderson José de Moraes Coelho and Evandro de Melo Lima (São Paulo Trio)

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