Revenue Auction brings iPhone from R$500; see how to participate – 08/12/2022

The IRS is holding auctions of seized or abandoned goods at a price well below the market. iPhone models are available for bids from R$500, as well as wireless headphones from Xiaomi, the Redmi Airdots 2 and even the robot vacuum, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop.

In the range of R$ 500, it is possible to find the iPhone 8, in the model of 64 GB of storage. already the iPhone XRalso with 64 GB, appears with R$ 930 per bid. And the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256 GB, has a minimum value of R$ 1,800.

Some shots only work at high volume, in the range of R$20,000. the headphones of Xiaomi, for example, can be purchased in a package that includes dozens of devices. In the same list are also company cell phones, smartwatchescontrols of Playstation wireless and even acoustic speakers, with a total value of R$ 41,500.

The auctions take place through the Electronic Auction System and bids can be made until August 22, at 9 pm.

After submitting the proposal, it is necessary to wait for the call for the auction, which starts the next day (August 23) at 10 am, in the same time zone.

Auction includes perfumes and even cars

The goods in the bidding are in 322 lots, described and evaluated at minimum value by the Federal Revenue Service. And there, it appears a little of everything. In addition to electronic devices, vehicles are offered, such as cars and trucks, boxes of perfumes and even alcoholic beverages.

They are available for evaluation in Cuiabá-MT (lots 01 to 30), Ponta Porã-MS (31 to 125), Campo Grande-MS (126 to 185), Palmas-TO (186 to 210), Mundo Novo-MS ( 211 to 237), Corumbá-MS – (238 to 258) and Goiânia-GO – (259 to 322).

How to participate in the auction

The Auction is available to individuals and legal entities, over 18 years of age or emancipated. To participate, it is necessary to access the Electronic Auction System through access to the Virtual Taxpayer Assistance Center (e-CAC) and go to the “Electronic Auction System” service option. Then, simply select the Auction Notice and activate the option “Include Proposal” on the product.

On the day of the Auction, the registration analysis of the participants will be carried out to verify if the person can effectively participate in the auctions. To understand a little more, know that the system will rank the proposals classified in descending order of value, for each lot.

The participant who has submitted the only classified proposal will be declared the winner of the lot. If more than one person disputes the product, the auction will proceed, in each lot, with successive bids offered by those who present the best proposal. Each extra bid must be at least 10% higher than the previous bid.

Whoever buys the product must pay in full – according to the conditions agreed in the proposal – until the first business day after the date of transfer of the good to the buyer’s name. No federal taxes are levied on the auction value of the goods.

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