Rivotril use in Argentina soars, pharmacies face shortages

The covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis have increased the use of Rivotril in Argentina by almost 5%. A few months ago, however, the drug disappeared from shelves and pharmacy websites across the country, causing people to panic, the newspaper reported. La Nationin a report published on Thursday 11.

According to the news, just over 5 million people currently use Rivotril in Argentina, an amount considered very high by the health authorities of the country, which has 46 million inhabitants.

O La Nation also showed that Rivotril was heavily prescribed during the pandemic due to the numerous panic attacks and anxiety disorders. The drug has become common among people.

The main reasons for the shortage of the drug are linked to the high consumption of the drug and the transfer of ownership of the drug from distributor Investi Farma to Biopas Argentina. The company assured that it is streamlining the process to take Rivotril to the shelves of pharmacies.

“The covid-19 pandemic, which to this day ravages the entire world, has always had another behind it, named by psychiatrists, neuroscientists and epidemiologists as the mental pandemic, the one that triggered the numbers of psychotropic drug consumption”, informed the latest report. of the Argentine Pharmaceutical Confederation.

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