Russian soldiers sleeps in the forest and is woken up by Ukrainians pointing guns at his face; watch

It is unclear what happened to the man, as the video being shared on social media ends when the man shows his face.

Playback/Twitter/@MarkRid89403375russian soldier sleeping
Russian soldier sleeps in forest is awakened by Ukrainian fighter

A video that is circulating on the internet shows the moment when a Russian soldier is awakened in an unconventional way. The man, who decided to take a nap in the middle of a forest, is woken up by a Ukrainian fighter who points a gun at his face and says: “Good night, I’m from the Ukraine”. According to the Daily Mail, apparently the soldier from Volodymyr Zelensky was patrolling an empty Russian camp when he came across the man’s presence. It’s unclear what happened next, as the video ends as soon as the combat fighter Vladimir Putin awakens and encounters his opponent. The conflict in Eastern Europe has been going on since late February, when Russia’s leader ordered a “military operation” in the region.

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