Santos predicts legal part agreed this year and works in 2023

Santos plans to build the Arena in 2023 (Credit: Reproduction)

Santos remains optimistic for the construction of the club’s new Arena. In a press conference held this Thursday (11), President Andres Rueda commented on the processes they are going through. WTorre is currently remodeling the project for financial adequacy.

The Santos top hat said that there is a forecast that in September the final project will be presented to the Council and then an assembly will be held. After that, with the money, the club hopes to start the works as early as 2023.

“The arena is on its way. There is a commission created together with the Deliberative Council and they are taking it with WTorre. WTorre is redesigning together with the architects. It is expected that by September they will make a presentation. If you go through the whole process with the Council and the assembly, it’s time to start raising money to see if we can start next year. That’s the plan,” Rueda said.

O FISH DIARY found that the meeting between WTorre and the City of Santos was considered very positive by both parties involved and the end result was a lot of optimism to make the construction viable. Technicians from City Hall and WTorre were the main participants in the conversation.

Rueda believes that, if everything goes as expected, at the end of the year, sales of captive spaces and chairs will begin. For this, approval of the partners is required.

“According to the schedule, the idea of ​​the work team is, in December, to start selling spaces, captive chairs. To do this, I do not give up the shareholders’ meeting. It is a change that will commit the club for 30 years. It has to be endorsed by what the partners want”, he adds.

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According to company executives, the new Arena would be for 30,000 fans with covered seats and 500 parking spaces. The value of the deal is around R$ 400 million, with WTorre acting as the manager of the stadium for the next 30/35 years.

To make the work possible, there will also be the advance sale of 5,000 premium chairs and cabins to generate revenue. Santos would not put money into construction. The expectation is that the annual operating cost will be around R$ 8 million.

In parallel, the two parties will start the approval processes in the competent bodies of the Municipality of Santos and the construction company will go to the market to raise funds for the financing of the work. After all the approvals, the deadline for the construction of the Arena is 24 months.

If the project is approved by the club’s Councilors, with a date yet to be defined, the members will also have the right to vote for final approval.

In the contract that both intend to sign there is an agreement for a Guarantee Insurance. This happens in large works so, in case of any fatality that makes the construction unfeasible or in some exponential increase in values ​​during the execution of the work, the costs are covered by the insurance.

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