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Selena Gomez owns one of the most extensive CVs in the world showbiz. Maybe you, millennial, remember that she was part of the cast of “Barney”, with only 7 years old. Who knows, you still know about the Disney Channel or that ballad, back in 2013, that played slow down. The fact is that, in addition to artistic works, the Mexican has been dedicated to entrepreneurship for two years. In 2020, launched the beauty brand Rare Beauty in the North American market, a label already awarded and beloved by the public, since then in frank expansion. The novelty is that, finally, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the next trip to finish off that viral-blush: as of August, Rare’s complete portfolio will be sold in Brazil.

Who gives us details is Selena herself. When we jumped into a Zoom call to speak with the brand’s star creative mind, we knew we would be talking about makeup, mental health, the impact of rare in the beauty market – as well as the challenge of translating a philosophy that has nothing to do with cosmetics into eyeshadows, foundations and lipsticks.

What didn’t cross our minds is that we would come face to face with a people-like-us Selena, wearing light makeup, a white tank top to withstand the heat of the Angelino summer and the desire to talk, among so many other things, about affection that cultivate for our country. “I love Brazil and South America! It’s where I’m from”, she comments, right away, remembering her Latin roots. What happened next you can see below.

Selena Gomez — Photo: Instagram @rarebeauty

You’ve been in the spotlight for over 15 years. She is also the most followed woman on Instagram. How did these factors affect your self-image and confidence?
I think they affected the way I see myself today. And they also messed with the way I felt, for sure.

So, what was your relationship with the image like before and what is it like now?
It wasn’t good for a while. So I decided to take some time for myself and that time turned into two, then three, then four years. Slowly, I felt more confident. Slowly, I learned that I should be who I am, even if I didn’t look like everyone else, even if I didn’t fit the figure of a cool woman. I’m still Selena. I am who I was born to be and I am very, very proud of it.

How has becoming an entrepreneur changed your life and career?
Rare allows me to do what I love, but also to be in control of my life. I was nervous at the launch, but I also felt extremely empowered. And I continued to be surrounded by the best team I could have. We put all our hearts into the work and I think it’s a lot about them too, not just me.

You are very open about your own mental health. When did you realize that you needed to raise the issue with your audience?
I noticed that people started creating narratives about my life. Unfortunately, they talk about me all the time, about everything, and it can be very violent, very strange. So instead of hiding and letting people say, “she’s crazy” or “she’s wrong,” I decided it was ok for me to be taking care of myself. I won’t let anyone say that [tratar da saúde mental] it’s a bad thing. When I understood that, I decided to tell my story. I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that it was the right thing to do, and I hope to be a good influence on someone.

When you announced Rare, you also promised that 1% of all sales would be donated to the Rare Impact Fund, a fund dedicated to mental health causes. In the first year, it donated 1.2 million dollars. Was that a fundamental part of entrepreneurship for you?
Certainly! Honestly, I understood that this was what set me apart from other brands. I wanted Rare to have a mission and the mission was to come up with ways to help people in need. This is crucial, especially these days. People need support and should receive it.

What goals have you already achieved with Rare and what do you still want?
I don’t know what I still want! But I tell you that achievements are not about the money. I think we got where we wanted to be: we created a brand that people trust and that make them feel beautiful. We also attract a community that can express themselves however they want. That’s what’s important. I want people to feel beautiful beyond makeup; that they feel beautiful inside first of all.

What is non-negotiable when developing a product?
I insist that it is made with good and nourishing ingredients for the skin. I also want the texture to be amazing, smooth, and work in both the matte and light versions. In addition, I also worry that they will last after application.

Why did you choose Brazil as the first country in South America to receive your brand?
And why not? I love Brazil and South America. It’s where I’m from and it’s a way of celebrating my heritages.

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