Study: women have 3 orgasm patterns; understand each one

Wave, avalanche and volcano: these were the three climax pelvic floor movements observed by researchers

Wave, avalanche and volcano: have you ever felt any of these sensations during the peak of pleasure in sexual intercourse? Since a study carried out in Charles Universityin Prague, Czech Republic, ranked the female orgasm in these three patterns, according to the movement of the pelvic floor muscles.

According to James Pfaus, lead author of the study, waves they are successive contractions of tension and release in orgasm. already the avalanche It is characterized as more intense tension of the pelvic floor, with contractions that decrease tension during orgasm.

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Finally, the volcano it is identified as a range of emotions: first, a low pelvic floor tension that culminates, later, in the explosion of tension and release during orgasm.

How was the study done?

To arrive at this rating, the researchers analyzed 54 women who used a Bluetooth-connected vibrator. The aim of the study, which was published in Journal of Sexual Medicinewas to understand whether the device was able to reliably detect women’s orgasm patterns.

The volunteers were instructed to stimulate themselves with the help of the vibrator until reaching orgasm and to turn off the device two minutes after the climax. In this way, it was possible to determine when the climax occurred and the types of contractions that the pelvic floor suffered.

According to the study, 26 women had wave orgasms; 17 avalanche and 11 volcano. With this classification, the researchers’ next goal is to understand how each of these patterns affects women’s long-term lives.

Orgasm Patterns or Types: What’s the Difference?

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of different female orgasms. After all, there are several ways to reach the peak, as explained by sexologist Priscila Junqueira in a previous interview with Minha Vida. They are: clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, G-spot, U-spot, anal orgasm and breast orgasm.

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The novelty of the recent study is to identify the different movements of the pelvic floor throughout the body’s preparation for orgasm and for the release of tension.

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