Viola Davis publishes video of a dancer from Pará dancing in a tourist spot in Belém | For

“Heading confidently into the weekend like “, says the actress in the caption of the video posted on Friday (12) and which as of Saturday afternoon (13) had more than 2 million views and at least 3,000 comments; among them are many Brazilians who know Belém or Seu Mário, including the singer from Pará Gaby Amarantos: ”My country Pará is international,” she said.

The Oscar and Emmy-winning actress even added an emoji of the Brazilian national flag to her post.

The man who appears in the video shared by Viola is the 70-year-old artist Mário Lúcio Pereira Saldanha. He usually goes to the tourist spot of Belém with his headphones and dances there.

Mário Saldanha, known as “Seu Mário”, went viral when dancing at a tourist spot in Belém — Photo: Lissa de Alexandria/g1

Mário does not have a telephone and the report was unable to contact him after Viola was published. In July, the g1 talked to him after his scenes went viral and he said he was surprised by the repercussion.

“I knew they had made a video of me, but I didn’t know they had posted it on social media. I got home and my grandson said ‘grandpa, I saw you on your cell phone, you’re famous’. I knew that one day I was going to be famous and I feel fulfilled with what is happening, I didn’t expect the third age to be like this”, he told the g1 about a month ago.

In the killing, he also danced for the report of the g1 and said that he was going through a difficult situation and that dance is therapy and a profession for him.

'Seu Mário' wins the internet dancing at Estação das Docas, in Belém

‘Seu Mário’ wins the internet dancing at Estação das Docas, in Belém

  • VIDEO: Elderly man goes viral when dancing at a tourist spot in Belém: ‘It looks like I’m flying’, says

In addition to Estação das Docas, he frequents Praça da República, where he also draws attention with his dancing. Mário Saldanha told g1 in July that, as long as he is alive, he will do things to value what is good in life, and that smiling is a necessity.

“If you don’t smile, you’re necrotic inside.”

Mário Saldanha wants to go back to working with theater to be able to move house — Photo: Lissa de Alexandria/g1

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