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We have reached the end of another week with many discussions about the world of technology at Tecnoblog Community. Defining the best internet package is not always an easy task. After all, with so many similar options it’s normal to get a little lost. In fact, this was one of the most discussed topics on our forum. Check out the most talked about topics on Community between the 6th and 12th of August.

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What is the best mobile phone plan? (Image: Vitor Pádua/ Tecnoblog)

What is the best mobile internet plan?

Defining which is the best mobile internet plan can be a time-consuming activity that requires research, as the variety of plans offered with generous bonuses or packages that are true boring can confuse us. Therefore, there is nothing better than knowing the experience of other users of the services.

William G., despite using Vivo Easy, was wondering if there is any plan option that offers the best cost-benefit ratio. The members of Community are always very participatory and many people shared their experiences on the subject.

print Tecnoblog Community August 13

A common strategy among members of the Community is to make a combination between different plans and operators, as they mention Keaton, Felipe_Silva it’s the Gokuwho at first is not Goku from Dragon Ball.

print Technoblog Community
print Technoblog Community
print Tecnoblog Community August 13

However, the cheapest plan is not always the one that will be the best option. It is necessary to pay attention to other aspects such as the quality of the operator’s signal in your region and also if the offered features match your needs, as noted by branch, skewer and also by Everton Favretto, team member of Technoblog.

print Tecnoblog Community August 13
print Tecnoblog Community August 13
print Tecnoblog Community August 13

Now that you’ve seen the opinions of several people in our Communityhow about taking the opportunity to leave your tip or experience with any operator in the topic?

Other topics that resonated in the Community

Other interesting topics also marked the week at TB community. Check out the links below.

  1. CAT6 wired network or 5 GHz wireless router?
  2. Nubank and Open Banking
  3. Renegotiation of bank debts at a discount
  4. Inter’s Black Card and the Duo Gourmet plan

In addition to the discussions proposed by the members, our team of authors produces a significant amount of articles, reports and reviews that also generate debates.

See below for the most successful discussions.

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

  1. Anatel expands robocall blocking and will have a prefix for collection calls
  2. Vivo details prepaid plan for customers who will be migrated from Oi Móvel [atualizado]
  3. Serpro workers go on strike indefinitely
  4. Disney surpasses Netflix in subscribers and makes official plan with ads
  5. Netflix wants to double the catalog of games, but few people care about them

To the delight of many people, Anatel extended the blocking to robocalls, those automatic calls made by robots that happen frequently or at inconvenient times. In addition to the creation of the 0303 prefix in June, the inspection will now be extended to all telecommunications operators in the country, including internet providers.

Netflix lost its leadership of the streaming market to Disney. According to a report released last Wednesday (10), the sum of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ platforms hit the global mark of 221 million paid users in the second quarter of 2022, surpassing Netflix.

Netflix on the iPad App Store (Image: Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash)
Netflix on the iPad App Store (Image: Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash)

Although video streaming is Netflix’s main product, the company also plans to double its games catalog, however, there is a problem: only 1% of subscribers access the platform’s games. A low number, if we remember that the company has 221 million users.

The catalog is still small, but according to the company, it should exceed 50 games by the end of 2022.

That’s it folks, be sure to follow the technoblog and participate in discussions in the Community.

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