WhatsApp: Group admins will be able to approve the entry of new members

O Whatsapp is testing a feature that promises to bring more control to group administrators. Managers will be able to choose who will join the group by creating a “waiting list”.

The resource will only be available for groups where the entry is by link. The novelty, in free translation, called “approval of members in groups”, will allow administrators to consult who sent the request for participation.

Approval of WhatsApp group participants

According to the specialized portal WABetaInfo, the novelty was discovered in the beta version of Whatsapp ( for Android. As it is not a standard feature, users must enable it. With regard to the approval of the tool, it must occur within the groups themselves.

However, there is still no forecast for the implementation of the feature in the stable version of the messenger. However, although testing is taking place only on Android, the feature should also be released for the iOS version.

New tool makes it possible to leave the group without being noticed

O Whatsapp is offering in its beta version, the option for participants not to know that you have simply “left the group”. The novelty was discovered by the specialized website WABetaInfo.

When the user decides to leave a group conversation, the following message will appear on the screen: “Only you and the group admins will be notified that you have left the group.”

Therefore, users will soon no longer have to worry about being questioned after leaving WhatsApp groups, even if that group is family or friends, for example.

Feature release forecast

As mentioned, the novelty is in the development and testing phase for the beta version of WhatsApp. However, it should soon be released to the general public of the messaging platform.

So, if you want to leave a group without causing conflicts, wait a little longer and enjoy the news that will soon arrive.

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