WhatsApp: Here’s how to find out if it’s been blocked

When a contact in Whatsapp is blocked by someone, a lot of information is invisible. However, you can be sure whether or not you have been blocked. See how.

How do I know if I’ve been blocked on WhatsApp?

When the contact is blocked, it is no longer possible to view the information or send messages to the contact responsible for the block. It is worth mentioning that all these limitations are also valid for the blocker.

Blocking prevents:

  • Status View;
  • View the user’s profile photo;
  • Add the user to new groups;
  • Deliver the messages;
  • Call the user.

Why can’t I see contact details?

Beforehand, it is important to inform you that the fact of not being able to see a contact’s data in Whatsapp does not mean that it was exclusively blocked. In fact, there are many reasons that prevent you from seeing the profile picture, for example.

Cases such as contact privacy updates, lack of profile picture and changes made to the app can temporarily make data visibility unfeasible. So, try to find out with the contact if it was indeed blocked.

How to Block a Contact on Android and iOS

On Android:

  1. Open your settings Whatsapp;
  2. Now, click on the “Account” tab and then on “Privacy”;
  3. Once this is done, go to “Blocked Contacts” – all contacts already blocked will appear on the screen;
  4. To add a new contact, tap on the “Add” option;
  5. Your contact list will open for you to select the person you want to veto. Remembering that it will no longer be possible to receive messages or view other contact information;
  6. Ready! One more person has been blocked from your app.

On iOS:

  1. With WhatsApp open, go to “Settings”;
  2. Then click on “Account” and then on “Privacy”;
  3. Once this is done, tap on ”Blocked”;
  4. When the blocked list appears, click on “Add new”;
  5. Now, choose the contact you want to block.

WhatsApp will allow you to hide the ‘online’ mode

This Tuesday (09), the Whatsapp announced one of the most anticipated features by users. This is about hiding the “online” status that appears on all accounts.

According to Meta, the company responsible for the messenger, the new feature is being released gradually, but guarantees that it will be available to everyone by the end of this month.

To hide the “online” status of your contacts is quite simple. Check step by step:

  • Access the settings of Whatsapp and select “Account”;
  • Click on “Privacy”;
  • Click on “Last seen and online”;
  • Choose who can see the “last seen” (“Everyone”, “My contacts”, “My contacts except…” and “Nobody”);
  • Choose who can see the “online” (all or the same option chosen in the “last seen”).

It is important to point out that, by hiding the information, the user will also be unable to see the status of their contacts.

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