Woman says she came from the future and warns of ‘worst hurricane in history’

Alleged time traveler warns of fura arrival
Message was published in a Facebook group of enthusiasts of time travel theories (photo: Social networks – Pixabay/Reproduction)

“Many lives will be lost after the ‘worst hurricane in history’ hits South Carolina on the east coast of the United States next Sunday (8/14)”, says a woman named Kim Windell Neco. She claims to be a time traveler and says she came from 2090 – the year in which she is 68 years old.

The news was given by Kim in a Facebook post. The information is from the British newspaper Daily Star.

Since the unusual announcement, the international press has covered the case. “The chilling message was shared on the Facebook group called Time Travelwhich has nearly 30,000 members – several of whom responded within days of the alleged storm.

“Letting everyone know that I am a traveler of the year 2090. On August 14, 2022, the worst hurricane in history will hit South Carolina, of a category never seen before,” Kim Windell wrote last Wednesday (10/10). 8) for the followers of the group formed by enthusiasts of time travel theories.

Finally, Kim detailed that “six hurricanes with speeds over 250mph, known as ‘the first’, will cause billions in damage and many people will lose their lives”. “Stay safe,” he recommended.

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