5 times Lip Sync went viral

A phenomenon in more than 15 countries, the Battle of Lip Sync arrives on Globo this Sunday (14) as a frame of Domingão with Huck. In the attraction, two celebrities duel in musical dubbing presentations with costumes, choreography and dancers, all to win the public’s preference. Outside, the show premiered on Spike TV, later relaunched as the Paramount Network, and went viral on several occasions, such as when Beyoncé appeared by surprise while Channing Tatum performed Run The World.

In Brazil, Luciano Huck will have the help of Rafael Portugal. “I will comment on each battle and I will also have my space there next to the stage, from where I sing some songs and introduce the participants. With me in this adventure is Pedrinho do Cavaco, who is a musician and singer, very talented and dear. finding it all ‘crazy, crazy’. It’s so cool to be on a Sunday doing this partnership with Luciano, unlike anything I’ve done so far. I’m hoping he enjoys it and the guys at home and the networks like it too” , he celebrates.

Every Sunday, two celebrities will have to do a megashow to lift the audience, which will be responsible for deciding the champion of the week. In the premiere, Leticia Colin and Paulo Vieira will face each other in the first lip sync duel of the season and will have to choose great hits to convince the public. In the United States, many personalities have already gone through this and done well. Check out 5 times the Battle of Lip Sync went viral:

Beyonce came out of nowhere

In 2016, Channing Tatum, known for films like She Dances, I Dance (2006), competed with his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, in the Battle of Lip Sync and performed Beyoncé’s Run The World. The actor was already rocking the stage with hair blowing and all, but his performance took on a special touch when Queen B herself appeared on stage to partner with him.

In the video, which has more than 36 million views, Jenna’s jaw dropped, as if she knew she had a great chance of losing the competition and Channing even made a sign of reverence for Beyoncé. However, in the end, the couple agreed that the competition had ended in a tie and chose to share the belt.

Terry Crews revived a classic

Terry Crews doesn’t need much to go viral on TV, in the movies or on the web. The actor, who gained worldwide notoriety for starring in White Girls (2004) and Everybody Hates Chris (2006-2009), voiced A Thousand Miles in the Battle of Lip Sync. In 2002, the song was a worldwide hit in the voice of Vanessa Carlton and had already been performed by the artist when he played Latrell Spencer.

At Batalha, he made the audience vibrate by creating yet another iconic scene and his presentation has accumulated more than 20 million views on YouTube, with many faces and admirable resourcefulness.

Was that Spider-Man?

If the numbers of Channing Tatum and Terry Crews are already incredible, those of Tom Holland, the protagonist of Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), impress anyone: the actor has more than 130 million views on his video performing Rihanna’s Umbrella in the Battle of Lip Sync.

In 2017, the famous broke the internet with the presentation, which even had pyrotechnics and acrobatics techniques. “[O desempenho] it was incredibly successful and really great for my career,” he said in an interview with British GQ magazine.

MJ became Bruno Mars

Tom Holland’s girlfriend and his love interest in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: No Homecoming (2021), Zendaya didn’t stay behind her beloved and delivered a brilliant performance playing 24k Magic, from Bruno Marsin your Lip Sync.

Wearing the famous red outfit, gold chains and a cap like the singer, the brunette, star of the Euphoria series, made the audience vibrate on stage and off, as the video of the performance has more than 23 million views.

Anne Hathaway incorporated Miley Cyrus

Anne Hathaway, from hits like The Princess Diaries (2001) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006), delivered it all playing Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. The actress, who competed with Emily Blunt, even jumped in lingerie on a construction ball on the show’s stage.

In addition to a perfect dubbing, Anne reproduced several iconic moments lived by Miley in the music video and ended up winning the dispute. The artist’s video has 25 million views.

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