Abel praises Corinthians and says that the team had courage in the game

Palmeiras beat Corinthians 1-0 tonight, and extended their lead in the Brazilian Championship. In the view of Abel Ferreira’s coach, the squad had courage and was very competitive to beat their rival at Neo Química Arena.

“Let’s keep our focus [na disputa pelo título do Brasileirão], that’s what I ask of all employees. Focus on our work and continue on our way. We won absolutely nothing. We know that we are a very competitive team and that is what we want, to respect all opponents with courage. That’s what we did here today, in a full stadium, and my players really deserve to play in a full stadium,” said the coach at a press conference.

“The players were able to impose our game. We defended when we had to defend, we had the ball when we needed to have it and, in my opinion, we were a very competitive and intelligent team and the fair winners. lack in front of me that they gave and it wasn’t,” added Abel.

Then, the Portuguese coach praised Corinthians and countryman Vítor Pereira. Abel Ferreira revealed that, at the beginning of his career on the bench, he used the rival commander as a reference.

“Corinthians are a great rival, they have excellent players, very well trained, I personally know Vítor Pereira well. Many lectures he gave, when I was learning, I listened and reflected on my way of working, as a young coach “, revealed.

Palmeiras now has the entire week reserved for training before hosting Flamengo at home, next Sunday (21), again for the Brasileirão.

See other points from Abel’s press conference

Compliments to Wesley

“I prefer to talk about Wesley [em vez da estreia do Bruno Tabata]. Some of you criticized and that’s football, we won’t always be at our best. Wesley started very well and participated directly in the goal situation. So I prefer to talk about him. People here try to individualize, to find a culprit. In football we are all, not one, we are all. I don’t see it that way, so I prefer to talk about Wesley, congratulations to him, he’s a player who has a lot of potential when he’s focused, seriously, he plays less. He’s going to be a father now, I think it’s going to help him be a better player too.”

Use of Mayke

“I’m lucky to have the two best full-backs that are playing in Brazil. Which is Mayke and [Marcos] Rock. That’s why I switched. I trust both of them exactly the same. Rocha played very well in the last game, he had a lot of wear.”

balanced first half

“A very balanced first half. But I think what impressed me the most today was the courage to come to the opponent’s house and ‘discuss’ the result to win it. Sometimes we forget to be like ourselves. We’re going to win, I don’t know. What I ask of them is that they can give the best they can, they should. It was a team with courage, with character, with a lot of personality, with calm. We were often under pressure. We were able to put our game in many moments of the game.”

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