Analysis points out that Instagram may be monitoring user activities

In analysis under the responsibility of programmer Felix Krause, founder of the automation application FastLane.Tools, Instagram has been monitoring people’s tracks. In this case, the observation was made taking into account the app that works on iOS system applications, that is, the iPhone would be more vulnerable to this type of cyber surveillance.

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The developer responsible for the accusation did not spare criticism, generating an uncomfortable controversial scenario with the Meta group, administrator of the platform. That’s because Facebook would also have this role of encouraging the opening of links in browsers in which the company would have access to all transactions, including information about bank accounts.

Instagram has forwarded a response to the press, claiming that Félix Krause is lying

The team responsible for Instagram promptly issued a note denying the research carried out. In this way, they declared that the pixel technology used does not infringe any digital rights, because it works in the same way as other terms of commitment. Sites usually record the number of clicks, time spent on the page and login, if you have any access identification.

Despite the initial accusatory tone, the owner of FastLane.Tools reconsidered some positions, despite being skeptical about the performance of many tools. In the internal settings of all Apple smartphones, it is possible to disable this tracking, preventing them from sharing the actions online. In addition, browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari provide a feature that blocks third-party cookies, increasing privacy.

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