Apple CHANGES the price of iPhones in Brazil: values ​​surprise

When we talk about an indispensable object in the life of a large part of the population, we can think of cell phones. Nowadays many people use it for work, talking to distant family members and having fun.

For this reason, it is common for these portable screens to be among the best-selling products in technology stores. One of the most popular is Apple. The owner of the iPhones sells several devices a year. A large part of them in Brazil, even with the tax values.

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iPhones are already well known by the Brazilian population. Of course, because it is a foreign product, the cell phone arrives in the country with a little high prices. But that doesn’t stop users from purchasing the product.

In this way, fans of the apple brand are always keeping an eye on the values ​​of the company’s products. Currently, Apple has readjusted the price of some products on its official website in Brazil.

Among the impacted copies, the main one is in the iPhones line. But tablets and laptops have also undergone changes. The variation is already reaching the mark of 6% reduction.

Among cell phones, only two models kept their old values, namely the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, costing R$4,999 and R$6,499 respectively. However, the 12 Mini model surprised by getting more expensive.

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The cheapest are the third generation iPhone SE models. The 64GB model is R$4,299, the 128GB is R$4,799 and the 256GB is R$5,699. Following him are the iPhones 12 mini that have increased. The 64GB model is R$5,699, the 128GB is R$6,199 and the 256GB is R$7,199.

The line with the most different models is the iPhone 13. This is because there is a possibility that it is mini, Pro or Pro Max. Unlike the previous ones that had low increases, these had a readjustment of up to R$ 527, this is the case of the 1 TB iPhone 13 Pro Max that reached R$ 14,972.

Among iPads, the values ​​also increased. The 64GB iPad Air received an additional R$402 from its previous price reaching R$7,099. The same happened with the company’s computers.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro kept its value, but the 256GB MacBook Air with an M1 chip is coming in at R$11,599, while the more powerful model that has an M2 chip and 512GB is in the range of R$17,199.

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