Corinthians 0 x 1 Palmeiras for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão 2022

Palmeiras knew how to take advantage of a decisive mistake by Corinthians tonight (13), won the classic and shot at the leadership of the Brasileirão. In a game of the 22nd round, an own goal by Roni defined the 1 to 0 alviverde in Neo Química Arena.

Increasingly packed, Palmeiras shoots and opens nine points in the lead (48 against 39 of the rival). The team now has the entire week reserved for training before hosting Flamengo at home, next Sunday (21), again for the Brasileirão.

Corinthians, on the contrary, saw the crisis increase even more. Without winning for four games, Vítor Pereira’s men will face another test of fire, on Wednesday (17): they need to reverse the two-goal disadvantage against Atlético-GO to continue in the Copa do Brasil. A defeat can overflow the Corinthian cauldron, which started with the squad’s discomfort with the Portuguese coach, followed by the elimination in Libertadores and the departure of Willian.

Corinthians performance: Mistake costs dearly again

Corinthians was dynamic in attack and had positive points in creating plays. The chemistry between Renato Augusto, Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto worked at times and seems to be improving. In the second half, when the team launched an attack against an already clearly retreating rival, a mistake by Fagner changed everything.

Palmeiras performance: A game of intelligence

Palmeiras took the classic as best they could, without getting too involved in attacking moves, but also adjusting as the rival found solutions to annoy. It even gave spaces that it doesn’t usually offer and in some moves it seemed tired, perhaps because of the wear and tear of Wednesday’s classification (10) over Atlético-MG. At the decisive moment, however, he held the Corinthians pressure in the second half and found the counterattack that shaped the game.

Live from Corinthians

Live from Palmeiras

The best of Corinthians: R. Augusto appears everywhere

The number 8 shirt had a great performance and commanded the creation of Corinthians. All the attacks passed through him, some with great danger. He was the one who finished the most, always from outside the area, and demanded attention from Weverton. The rapport with Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto seems to be improving, which is good news for Corinthians.

Palmeiras’ best: Gustavo Gómez dominates

The defender alviverde had another exemplary performance. He was safe in the covers, didn’t lose a tackle and left Yuri Alberto isolated in the opponent’s attack for most of the game. Murilo, his defense partner, also did very well.

Corinthians triangulates well and seeks the attack

Róger Guedes disputes the ball with Zé Rafael in Corinthians x Palmeiras, for the Brasileirão - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF
Image: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

The beginning of the game had more chances for Corinthians, who were looking for the attack more. After two good triangulations in which the kick didn’t come out, Renato Augusto finished the first one, weak, after Gustavo Mosquito’s move. Then Yuri Alberto tried a bicycle, but Weverton defended it safely. In general, Alvinegro matched better.

Palmeiras escapes the pressure, but does not accelerate

Palmeiras started the game leaving the rival with the ball and trying to respond with speed. That’s how he created danger for the first time, in a counterattack led by Ron in the 25th minute, but the intention of the counterattacks remained there. Over time, the visiting team started to have more possession of the ball and find space in the midfield to stop being pressured and balance the game.

Weverton gets the better of R. Augusto

The Corinthians midfielder had two good chances to open the scoring between the 39th and 43rd minutes, both facing the area. In the first he pulled to the left, hit the corner and stopped in good defense of Weverton; in the second he escaped free after a table with Yuri Alberto, but the kick came out too strong, on top. As a result, the game ended at halftime.

Classic gets more open

On the return of the break, Renato Augusto had another good chance creating from the inside and hit with danger over the goal. The Palmeiras response was with a counterattack pulled by Raphael Veiga and finished by Rony, also out. In the classic back and forth, Weverton had to stretch to avoid Lucas Piton’s goal after a deflected shot on Gustavo Gómez and, in the corner, Fausto Vera won high, but deflected off.

Palmeiras punishes after Fagner’s mistake

The fit of styles became clearer in the second half: Corinthians with the ball, looking for space; and Palmeiras positioned waiting for an error. The mistake appeared in a wrong pass by Fagner, who tried to reverse a ball he didn’t need in the 27th minute, kicked Dudu and saw Palmeiras set up a deadly counterattack that ended in Roni’s own goal. From then on, Alviverde cooled the classic.

The Arbitration Controversies

Still in the first half, a tough tackle by Róger Guedes on Gustavo Gómez prompted a VAR review for a possible sending-off. Raphael Claus opted for the yellow card, was pressured by both teams, but decided to keep the decision after reviewing the bid on television. In the final stage, Adson’s submission exploded on Murilo inside the area and caused complaints, but there was no penalty.

Corinthians curse William

The first big participation of the fans was a message to the former shirt 10 of Corinthians. Minutes before the game, even before singing the club’s anthem, fans chanted curses at midfielder Willian, who signed the contract termination and left the club this week. “Hello, William, go f…, the Coringão doesn’t need you”, they sang in chorus. Despite the goodbye, the player’s image still appeared on the official cup of the classic, sold to fans at the Arena.



Competition: Brazilian Championship, 22nd round
Date and time: August 13, 2022, Saturday at 19:00 (Brasília time)
Place: Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo-SP
Referee: Raphael Claus (FIFA/SP)
Auxiliaries: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (FIFA/SP) and Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Corraa (FIFA/RJ)
VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (FIFA/SP)
Yellow Cards: Fausto Vera and Róger Guedes (Corinthians); José López e Piquerez (Palmeiras)
Public: 44,966 people (44,666 paying)
Income: BRL BRL 3,226,090.00

goals: Roni (against) in the 27th minute of the second half.

Corinthians: Cassius; Rafael Ramos (Fagner), Bruno Méndez, Balbuena and Lucas Piton; Du Queiroz, Fausto (Roni) and Renato Augusto; Gustavo Mosquito (Adson), Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto. Technician: Victor Pereira.

palm trees: Weverton; Mayke, Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Piquerez; Danilo, Zé Rafael and Raphael Veiga (Wesley); Rony (Gabriel Menino) Dudu (Bruno Tabata) and José López (Rafael Navarro). Technician: Abel Ferreira.

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