Dark Nights #79 | The Stairway to Hell (2022, Brendan Muldowney)

The Stairway to Hell (The Cellar) is the film that features the actress Elisha Cuthbert in Neighbor Show. The direction is from Brendan Muldowney.


Keira Woods (Elisha Cuthbert) and her family move to a new house because of the moment our protagonist’s professional life. The change is not welcomed by Ellie (Abby Fitz), Keira’s eldest daughter, who hates every minute of the situation.

Things get worse when the girl mysteriously disappears in the basement of the house, creating a mystery for the entire family to solve.


The Stairway to Hell

A Escada para o Inferno has a face, a way and is the type of shopping mall horror movie, because it brings all the most basic elements of a plot of this format of work: cheap scares with jump scares dated, scenes with a lot of makeup, a mystery to be solved with a plot twist and young people in danger who try to make us distressed because children, teenagers and the elderly are always the targets to frighten the spectator.

This basic premise doesn’t work to hold us, because, in fact, it’s very difficult to get attached to any of the characters on screen, especially because of the below-acceptable performances of the cast. Cuthbert can’t express emotions, putting on a blank face at various times when she should be desperately looking for her daughter at all costs. as weak as she is Eoin Mackenwhich gives life to Brian WoodsKeira’s husband, who is even more robotic and can only pass off indifference and confusion.

In the youth squad, they save themselves Dylan Fitzmaurice Brady that delivers the minimum as Steventhe youngest son, and the best girl on the team is Abby Fitz, who even having to play an unbearable young woman, manages to deliver a good performance, showing nuances of a teenager who shows in anger and fear her deepest feelings due to traumas that comes passing.

The direction tries hard to try to cause genuine scares, but fails miserably with a basic proposal of cheap, telegraphed jump scares that neither help nor make us jump out of our chairs. The makeup is bad, with a very bizarre aspect of lost souls and the CGI is competent, as they use a lot of the lack of light of the scenarios to make the environment less attractive, which works, even if the use of space itself is well below what it should be, since the house is huge, however, only two or three rooms are used.

The plot is quite simple and the script tries to add more complexity as there is little to work with here. There is a different proposal of hell, very similar to Sekishiki from The Knights of the Zodiac, with lost souls wandering aimlessly, which is really interesting. The idea of ​​showing the disappearance of the Woods’ daughter dies soon after, which causes a great strangeness. As far as the supernatural is concerned, The Stairway to Hell works, in the most realistic part, the film falls out of favor.


The Stairway to Hell is cliché and adds little to the experience of those who are already used to films of the genre, as it does not present anything new, nor does it have a competent structure, saving itself in some aspects of the script and the performances of the young cast. If you’re not willing to have almost two hours of doldrums, don’t watch the movie.


Check out the trailer for The Stairway to Hell:

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