Employer Summit 2022 for HR professionals takes place in August

THE Employerone of the largest HR companies in the country, which offers technologies and services to companies, will hold the third edition of the Employer Summit 2022 in digital format, in a partnership with Epays, a payment platform, Banco Nacional de Empregos (BNE), Lugarh, digital admission software, Trabalho Brasil, Benecard and Corporate Health. There will be ten days of event, 20 hours of free content.

There will be 20 virtual meetings between August 08th to 12th and 15th to 19th, from 2 pm to 4 pm, interested parties will be able to check online the main topics of HR, which will be discussed by experts in the area.

Check out the full schedule of the 10 days of the best HR event

2 pm – Strategic HR: HR of the Future: agility and results;

Speakers: Lígia Shimizu, engagement manager at Neon;

3pm – Technology: Technology to optimize HR communication;

Speakers: Felipe Sabbagh, product manager at Take Blip and Priscila Harrison, product manager at Lugarh;

2 pm – People Management: Productivity and Leadership: how to develop teams;

Speakers: Alexandre Ullmann, HR director at LinkedIn and José Tortato, COO and CHRO at Banco Nacional de Empregos (BNE);

3:00 pm – Strategic HR: Personal and Business Brand Strengthening on LinkedIn;

Speaker: Jessica Simões, relationship director at We Are Aster;

2 pm – Legislation Ordinance 671: all about point management;

Speakers: Cris Paiva, point management specialist at Epays and Julia Dos Santos Vilela, product owner pointfopag at Etec;

3pm- People Management: The role of HR in Diversity and Inclusion;

Speaker: Ana Ulysséa, co-founder of FourAll and Felipe Bragatto, partner of Armazém do Caos;

2 pm – Technology: HR and PIX: banking security and freedom;

Speaker: Michele Trapp, Epays Business Manager; Aline Silva, HR analyst at Leve Fácil;

3pm- People Management: Emotional Intelligence: enhance team results;

Speaker: Ana Alice Bonatto, training coordinator at Deal and Nadine do Carmo, specialist in emotional intelligence;

2 pm – Strategic HR: Technology and practices that optimize the HR and worker routine;

Speaker: Alberto Oliveira, HR coordinator at Syngenta;

3pm- Legislation: How STF decisions impact companies;

Speaker: Marlos Melek, Federal Labor Judge;

2 pm – Strategic HR: Indicators and metrics for HR: implementation and monitoring;

Speaker: Michele Gomes, HR manager at Hospital Pequeno Príncipe and Viviane da Luz, customer success at Employer;

3pm- Legislation: LGPD in HR: the importance of data security and integrity

Speaker: Dr. Analu Gleich, labor lawyer;

2pm – Strategic HR: Variable compensation journey and benefits flexibility

Speaker: Kátia Regina, total rewards director at Nestlé and Ernandys Alves, Compensation Coordinator at Sinagro;

3 pm- People Management: ESG in HR: How to achieve better results

Speaker: Jaqueline Becker Head of HR at La Violetera and Mauricio Rodrigues Gil, sustainability consultant at Klabin;

2 pm – People Management – HR Career: How to be the professional the market is looking for

Speakers: Kelly Almeida Jung, specialist in DHO at Braspine/Braslumber and Silmara Pereira, head of People at Play Studio;

3 pm – Legislation: What changes in the law? All about outsourcing and temps;

Speakers: Dr Lena Nascimento, employment lawyer at Employer and Robson Bini
HR Business Manager at Employer;

2 pm – People Management – HR Career: Culture and well-being in companies

Speakers: Bruno Torres, CEO of NAMU and Rafaella Ritacco
Director at Corporate Health (Ritacco Group);

3 pm – Legislation: Benefits that generate results;

Speaker: Marcelo Lima, Commercial Superintendent at RB Benefits;

2 pm – Strategic HR: The leader makes the group

Speaker: Marcelo de Abreu, vice president of Employer;

  • 3pm – People Management: Achieving goals through Corporate Education;

Speaker: Juliana Marcelino, HR Manager at Centro Oeste Lacticínios; Luciane Munhoz, Coordinator at UEMP; Silvana Pampu, HR General Manager at Renault;

According to Vânia Montenegro, director of HR services at Employer, the main role of the Summit is to promote, through discussions with specialists and cases from large companies, the news, trends and daily challenges of the human resources segment.

“We are in our third digital edition of the Employer Summit, and this year, through virtual panels, we will promote great HR debates, such as, for example, what are the trends, day-to-day challenges, in addition to showing in practice with cases of success as this area is fundamental for the growth of companies”, says Montenegro.


  • When: Between 8th and 19th of August
  • Time: From 2 pm to 4 pm
  • Where: virtual panels
  • How to apply: Employer Summit


One of the largest HR companies in the country, Employer, which offers services and technology for Human Resources, has more than 35 branches strategically located in Brazil. The company serves some of the largest companies in Brazil and the world, which seek efficient and high-tech solutions for the sector, with the aim of simplifying the HR routine.

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