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This Sunday (14) is Father’s Day. So, we separated five book nominations with special literary parents to commemorate the date.

Love and Olives

Love and Olives is part of the trilogy Love and luck by the author Jenna Evans Welch. Like the other well-known books by the writer, it stands out for its light and engaging read. In Amor e Azeitonas we follow the story of Liv, the young woman leaves everything behind to find her father, who left her life years before, without leaving any explanations. The book takes the reader on a true journey through Greece, where the plot takes place.

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What does the legend of a sunken city have to do with a teenager’s life? In the case of Greek-American Liv Varanakis, the answer is everything. When she was little, Liv and her father spent hours trying to figure out the location of Atlantis, but since he left without explanation, she avoids thinking about the lost city at all costs. At seventeen, Liv has a new life, a new boyfriend, and she’s doing great, thank you.

Until a crumpled postcard arrives from Santorini and her plans go awry. In it, her father explains that he is filming a documentary about Atlantis and that he sent Liv a plane ticket to go to Greece to help him. Now, she will have to leave behind everything she has built and embark on the unknown.

Their reunion brings up thousands of questions and emotions, and, to make matters worse, Theo, his father’s charming assistant, insists on filming these awkward moments. At least Liv can enjoy the island paradise, with its magnificent sunsets, turquoise water, whitewashed houses and delicious cuisine. However, as the days go by, the girl begins to suspect that it was not Atlantis that brought her there, but something much more important.

Our Diary: A Father and Daughter’s Confidence and (Almost) Everything They Wrote to Each Other

Written by Roberto Basilio de Matos and for your daughter, Rafaela Brandi Matos. The book is a shared diary between the two, where they write about their experiences and impressions. Thus, “Our Diary..” shows two points of view from different generations, which is why it is a great option for all ages.

Father's Day Books: Our Diary

A father writes a diary for his daughter. A diary that could be letters. Letters that could be messages on social networks. Messages that could be eye to eye words. Your daughter accounts for diary lines as well. This sewing brings us to the deepest of the relationship between father and daughter. This invisible union, the words, the lap, the affection that accompany us even in absence, that sustain us at every step. Open this journal, read it with your heart and, who knows, after the full stop, think about the lines you’ve written so far.


Auggie was born with a genetic syndrome and as a result developed facial deformity. Author’s Best Seller RJ Palace chronicles the boy’s struggles going to school for the first time, and explores his family’s efforts and the parents’ fears with the judgments and prejudices that your child may suffer.

The story was adapted for film in 2017 and the Pullman family was played by Jacob Tremblay (Auggie), Julia Roberts (Isabel, the mother), Owen Wilson (Nate, the father) and Izabela Vidovic (Via, the sister).

Father's Day Books: Extraordinary

August Pullman, Auggie, was born with a syndrome whose sequel is a severe facial deformity, which imposed several surgeries and medical complications. That’s why he never attended a real school…

Yet. Everyone knows it’s hard to be a new student, especially when you have such a different face. About to start his fifth year at a private school in New York, Auggie has a difficult mission ahead of him: to convince his classmates that, just because of his unusual appearance, he is a boy just like everyone else.

RJPalacio has created an uplifting story, filled with love and hope, in which a group of people struggle to spread compassion, acceptance and kindness. Told from the perspective of Auggie and also his family and friends, with touching moments and others relaxed, Extraordinary manages to capture the impact that a boy can have on the lives and behavior of everyone, family, friends and community – a strong, moving and , without a doubt, extraordinarily positive, that will touch all kinds of readers.

The Last Song

The Last Song was a hit in 2010 when the story received a film adaptation starring Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Greg Kinnear. Thus, Nicholas Sparks’ book follows Ronnie’s coming of age story, her romance with Will and her Exciting relationship with father.

Father's Day Books: The Last Song

At seventeen, Veronica Miller, or simply Ronnie, sees her life turn upside down, when her parents divorce and her father decides to move to Wrightsville, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains hurt and distant from her parents, particularly her father. However, her mother decides that it would be better for her children to spend the summer with him in North Carolina.

Ronnie’s father, a former pianist, lives quietly in the coastal town, absorbed in creating a work of art that will be the centerpiece of the local church. Resentful and angry, Ronnie rejects any and all attempts to get close to him and threatens to return to New York before the summer is over. That’s when Ronnie meets Will, the most popular boy in town, and as she lets her guard down, she begins to fall deeply in love with him, opening herself to a new experience that will bring her immense happiness – and pain – never before felt. .

An unforgettable story of love, affection and understanding – first love, coming of age, the relationship between parents and children, starting over and forgiveness – The Last Song demonstrates, as only Nicholas Sparks can, the many ways that love is capable of break and heal your heart.

Seriously, Dad!

Finally, the author Thalita Rebouças could not be left out of the list. Known for addressing family relationships, in Seriously, Dad! she narrates episodes of the life of Malu and his father, Armando, from the moment he discovers he will be a father for the first time, until the girl’s development. Narrated by both, the story is light, fun and exciting.

Father's Day Books: Seriously, Dad!

For those who had fun with Seriously Mom! Seriously Teacher! Seriously baby! and Fala Serious, Amigo!, bestsellers by Thalita Rebouças, whose successful work surpasses the mark of 1,200 copies sold in Brazil and has already arrived in Portugal, it’s time to meet and have a good laugh with the sports journalist and convinced peladeiro Armando, father of the friend of all hours – and tamarins! – Maria de Lourdes, or rather Malu, at the launch Seriously, Dad!. The misadventures and mishaps of a first-time father, from the discovery that he was “pregnant” to the departure of his firstborn from home, at age 21 – nothing escapes the light, relaxed, good-humored text and in tune with the typical youth. by the carioca author. Divided into small, unmissable and delicious chronicles, grouped according to the age of the protagonist, Thalita gives voice to both father and daughter – or do you think Malu would stop chattering a little? Impossible!

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