Happn or Tinder: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Dating App

The pandemic and the need for social distancing have made many people who had never thought about creating a profile on a dating app decide to do so.

O happn it’s the tinder are the main options for users, you know? But when choosing which platform to use, you need to take into account your goals and the crucial differences between them.

While on Tinder you define the radius within a location, the age and gender of the person you want to interact with, Happn takes geolocation into account. This means that you will have the opportunity to interact with profiles that you have actually come across.

However, the differences go even deeper, and it is precisely these details that you will see ahead. Liked? So keep reading!

What are the differences between Happn and Tinder?

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As we mentioned earlier, the differences between the two dating apps exist and go beyond the geographic issue. Exists graphical interface differences – it is clear!

While on Happn you scroll up, on Tinder you move the photos of the user you are viewing to the side, not to mention the web version.

Other divergences are: on the blue platform you get a crush, but it must have come across his profile on the street. In addition, it is possible to send a “Hi” before the match rolls and find your new love through CrushTime, which allows you to guess who liked your profile every 24 hours.

On the pink platform, the match is done using the distance radius defined in the settings. Featured profiles are only available for 24 hours, but the explore mode increases your chances of finding that romance that has your vibe.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Happn?

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The app created in France in 2014 is today one of Tinder’s main competitors. It was a long effort to become popular in Brazil., where the market leader was already established. Want to know the pros and cons of the app? Look:


  • Geolocation: the possibility of interacting with someone who frequents the same environments as you is interesting. On top of that, it is enough that they have crossed paths only once for there to be the possibility of crush;
  • Voice: on your profile in the application it is possible to leave a voice message, saying anything, so that your potential crush can hear you even before the profiles connect;
  • Audio and video calls: liked someone but still don’t feel safe to exchange phone numbers or a live date? You can make an audio or video call with a crush.


  • Geolocation Rigidity: the application continues to show you profiles that you have come across, even if it was by chance – as in the case of travel. For users where distance is an obstacle, the possibility of liking someone who lives far away is a problem;
  • Less intuitive interface: those who got used to Tinder will struggle a bit with Happn, since its interface is less intuitive;
  • Fewer active users: It is a constant complaint from users that many profiles are not very active, a higher rate than the main competitor, which makes the number of crushes low.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Tinder?

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Synonymous with dating app, Tinder is two years older than Happn. Yes, that means the platform turns a decade old this year, specifically in September.

The brand became part of the collective imagination with terms borrowed from its interface. Check out the pros and cons of the app:


  • Highest number of active users: almost every single person has already passed through the platform. This means that, in theory, you will have a greater number of possible matches to be given;
  • Intuitive interface: liked, play right; did not like it, passes to the left; loved it, play it up and give Superlike. Simpler than that only if someone does it for you;
  • Greater possibilities of use: mobile, tablet and the web version, wherever you are, just open the app and swipe right and left.


  • A lot of people, a lot of fake: as Tinder is more used than Happn, the number of fake profiles is also higher, not counting the “abandoned” profiles;
  • Less customization: unlike its competitor, it offers few options for previous filters – children, smoking, etc – and the tags are very generic;
  • Few free features: for a long time, it offered more features than its main competitor. Currently, not even the free Superlike platform offers it.

After all, Happn or Tinder?

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This is a very particular answer, because it requires you to know what your goals are. Keeping a profile on the French platform for a user who travels a lot can create a sense of frustration – many people don’t like a crush who doesn’t live in the same city. On the American platform, the risk of fakes is much higher.

As both applications are free, it is best that you create a profile on both and test according to your routine and time availability. You will notice that this practice is quite common.

Based on your relationship with the platforms, you can choose the one that best offers mechanisms for you to find your future love – or friendship, because we don’t relate to an enemy, do we?

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