Inter stopped hiring Vitor Roque for mishandling

One of the biggest promises of Brazilian football was close to wearing the Inter shirt. Vitor Roque had advanced negotiations with Colorado, which at the time considered the values ​​beyond the red-hot account. As reported by reporter Vagner Martins, the figures rejected by the Clube do Povo were R$500,000.

At the time, Colorado disputed the hiring of the Brazilian jewel with Athletico-PR. Like the Hurricane, the interest was immediately for the highlight of the player with the celestial shirt, but the club from Paraná assumed the necessary values ​​and guaranteed the hiring of the striker.

Vitor Roque has grown with each match under Felipão’s command. The 17-year-old player secured the Curitiba team in the Libertadores semifinals with a goal after the lights went out in the clash with Estudiantes, in La Plata.

Vitor Roque is not from Inter because of clutter

Before that, the player had already decided the duel with Atlético-MG in which he scored two goals at Mineirão contributing to the victory of the red-black team that triumphed towards fourth place in the Brasileirão.

For Hurricane, in addition to placing expectations on Vitor’s decisive ability, it is also necessary to look at the possible financial return that the athlete can offer the Paraná team, which has sold well the recent players.

The fact that Inter could not count on the player divided the opinion of some Colorados. On the one hand, many believe that the player would have a future in Porto Alegre. On the other hand, the recent low use by young people creates a suspicion that Vitor would not even be used in Beira-Rio.

What certainly does not raise doubts is the technical ability of the striker, which has been filling the eyes of all Brazilians.

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