Leandro Lo case: video shows PM in brothel after fighter’s murder – 08/14/2022

Police lieutenant Henrique Velozo went to the Bahamas nightclub, a traditional brothel in São Paulo, after the fight that resulted in the murder of jiu-jitsu fighter Leandro Lo last Sunday (7th). Security camera footage shows the officer entering the club at 3:04 am and leaving two hours later, accompanied by an unidentified woman.

The videos were first published by TV Globo and confirmed by UOL Esporte with the Civil Police, which investigates the case. Velozo is the main suspect in shooting and killing the fighter, after a fight during a pagode show at Clube Sírio. According to witnesses, the policeman shot the fighter in the head after an exchange of provocations and aggressions.

Investigators obtained a consumption report that shows the PM paid for a one-liter bottle of whiskey and two shots of gin with energy in the Bahamas. The Civil Police reported that, after visiting the brothel, the lieutenant spent the morning and Sunday afternoon at the Asturias motel, on the west side of São Paulo, according to the establishment’s records.

He would be arrested in the early evening, after having an arrest warrant issued by the Justice. According to friends who were with Leandro Lo during the pagode show at Clube Sírio, the PM approached the fighter’s table and provoked him. The two fought, and the lieutenant was immobilized after suffering a jiu-jitsu blow from the world champion. Upon freeing himself from the immobilization, the policeman shot the athlete in the head, according to witnesses.

Velozo was one of six armed police officers at the venue and his name was registered at the entrance hall. The record helped the fighter’s friends to identify the PM after the crime.

According to consumption orders sent to the police by the company Keep Young, which organized the show that night, both Leandro and Velozo consumed alcohol during the event. The policeman spent R$1,835 on gin, energy drinks and water. The fighter paid R$1,914 in whiskey and energy drinks.

O UOL Esporte contacted Velozo’s defense, but had not received a response as of the publication of this report.

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