Man enters dump to look for key and dies crushed by compactor; VIDEO

A man in his 50s was found dead around 4 am on Friday (12) on a garbage compactor ramp inside a building. Video from a security camera shows the moment he enters the equipment. According to information from CBS News, a neighbor claimed he was looking for a key accidentally thrown in the trash. The case took place in Brooklyn, New York, United States. (video below)

Camera footage from the first floor hallway of Medgar Evers Apartments shows two other people with the victim, a man and a woman. He slowly enters through the garbage passage while they are still talking, until he is fully inside the equipment.

According to local police, the victim was found dead and mutilated next to the garbage, with serious injuries. According to the New York Post, investigators believe he entered the dump of his own volition, but are still investigating based on reports and analysis from the building’s cameras.

Now off camera, the other two approach the passage. The man appears to put on his cell phone, possibly to illuminate the place. He even puts both arms inside the entrance, while the woman seems to hold him so he doesn’t fall inside.

*with information from nypost

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