Meet the “crazy honey”, food that left baby bear hallucinating

Bear is seen hallucinating after consuming mad honey

Image: Social networks/Playback

The video of a bewildered baby bear in the back of a pickup truck won social media this Monday (12). The animal that lives in Düzce, Turkey, had consumed excessive amounts of mad honey – a type of hallucinogenic food.

The bear, named Balkız, was rescued and given veterinary care. According to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, she is doing well and should return to nature soon.

What is “crazy honey”

Crazy honey, also known as deli bal in Turkish, comes from the rhododendron flower. What makes it poisonous is the toxin called grayanotoxin, present in the pollen and nectar of the plant.

Ingestion of honey can cause drastic effects in both humans and animals. Symptoms range from hallucinations and slower heartbeats to temporary paralysis and unconsciousness. Vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and headaches are also on this list. The effects usually wear off in up to 24 hours without medical intervention.

Crazy honey is mainly produced in Turkey and Nepal. In these places, it is usually sold as a medicine, not a culinary ingredient. In theory, the food improves hypertension and also works as a substitute for Viagra.

Getting the compost is no easy feat, as rhododendrons flourish at high altitudes. Collectors have to face dangerous climbs to collect the honey, which seems to justify the price of the product. On the website of the company Deli Bal, for example, it is possible to buy 250g of the food for the price of US$ 48 (equivalent to R$ 244).

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