Only a tragedy takes the Brazilian title away from Palmeiras – 08/13/2022

There is still almost a full shift to go, Flamengo, Fluminense and Athletico play more than Corinthians and are scoring well, but Palmeiras won’t be Brazilian champions unless a meteor falls on Barra Funda. The team does not lose and shows every week a lot of preparation to dribble adversity. He had been playing an inferior game to Corinthians, he was visibly tired, but he took advantage of the rival’s hesitation to kill Derby on the counterattack.

Vitor Pereira cast Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto together. The first one more on the left side of the attack. Renato Augusto returned to start. Fágner, Fábio Santos, Gil and Adson stayed on the bench. Abel Ferreira had the important absence of Gustavo Scarpa. López entered and Rony played on the left side, Dudu on the right. Mayke started playing and Marcos Rocha was on the bench.

Corinthians was superior to Palmeiras in the 1st half. He managed to present more aggressiveness in the movement of the ball and in the movements towards the goal, mainly on the left side. With the approach between Renato Augusto, Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto, the hosts managed to do some good, but little entered the area, as a result of the good positioning and the firmness of the last defensive line of the visitors.

Renato Augusto and Yuri Alberto finished from inside the area before the 15th minute, but without strength, they were easily stopped by Weverton. Renato and Fausto Vera still finished from outside the area with danger, but they needed to find ways to better finish the plays. Provide more favorable finishing conditions to those who would finish in goal.

01 - Rodrigo Coutinho - Rodrigo Coutinho

How Corinthians and Palmeiras started the Derby valid for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão 2022

Image: Rodrigo Coutinho

Palmeiras was visibly below the level of intensity. The team rotated much less in relation to Corinthians and the midweek round. Not to mention that the duel with Galo was more intense, held on Wednesday, and the team had a man less for 60 minutes. The effect was a lower rotation on offensive moves and a more permissive approach to marking.

Verdão even exchanged passes in the attack at certain times, occupied spaces well, but there was no infiltration in the rival’s last line and connections did not happen often. The best moves came in counterattacks. Ron submitted it twice. One on top, and the other for Cassio’s defense. Gustavo Scarpa’s quality passes and crosses were also sorely missed.

Palmeiras returned for the 2nd half betting even more on Rony attacking the back of the Corinthians defense. It bothered like that. Less elaborate attacks. Timon followed suit. He worked well in possession, circulated in the attack, but finished little from inside the area. Renato Augusto and Lucas Piton hit good shots from afar. Weverton responded well.

Abel began to ”refresh” the team’s legs. Gabriel Menino and Wesley entered. Rony and Veiga left. The counterattacks gained power and the team opened the scoring like this, Fágner missed an inversion of the ball and hit Dudu in the chest, he accelerated and played for Wesley in the left corner of the penalty area. Piquerez passed and received. The low cross found Roni’s feet, who scored against his own goal.

02 - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Róger Guedes disputes the ball with Zé Rafael in Corinthians vs Palmeiras, for the Brasileirão

Image: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Corinthians didn’t even have the strength to put on constant pressure and try to equalize. He mentally collapsed after the goal and sees reality open in a cruel way. It’s hard to believe any reaction in the Brasileirão. Need to be careful not to leave the direct classification zone for Libertadores. He is eliminated from the South American competition and has a complicated situation to reverse in the Copa do Brasil.

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