Police officer who killed Leandro Lo went to the nightclub and motel after the crime

Moments after taking the life of jiu-jitsu world champion Leandro Lo, military police officer Henrique Otávio de Oliveira Veloso went to another nightclub and spent the night in a motel, accompanied.

Images from security cameras released this Saturday (13/8) by SP2, from TV Globo, show Veloso at the reception of a nightclub in Moema, also in the South Zone of São Paulo. According to what was noted in the military’s command, he consumed a bottle of whiskey, two coconut waters, two cans of energy drinks and two doses of gin, totaling expenses of R$ 1,600.

Upon leaving, around 5:30 am, he went to a nearby motel, accompanied by a woman who, according to the deputy in charge of the case, is a call girl. They only left the place the next day, at 4:26 pm.

Leandro Lo’s mother believes her son’s murder was premeditated

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Two close friends of the fighter did not want to record an interview, but confirmed that Leandro Lo and military police officer Henrique Veloso had already had a falling out on other occasions before the day of the crime.

The PM is being held in the military prison Romão Gomes and must answer for intentional homicide for a futile reason.

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