Raccoon befriends deer after being taken in by animal rehabilitation center

Texas Fawn and Friends is an organization that specializes in rescuing orphaned deer. Last year, the institution’s rehabilitator Carrie Long got a call about an endangered baby raccoon and decided to take the animal to the rehabilitation center to take care of it.

And it was in the center that raccoon made an unlikely friendship with another local resident, a deer.

It was in the middle of a storm, in which Jasper the raccoon – named by Carrie – was found. The animal was abandoned by its mother, with only three weeks to live, and clung to life during a storm, in order to finally live with dignity.

Carrie specializes in rescuing orphaned deer, and practices it at her nonprofit, Texas Fawn and Friends. Even though she had no knowledge of raccoons, she decided to take him with her to the center.

“We weren’t sure he would make it,” Carrie told The Dodo.

Jasper has reached adulthood and is free to fend for himself, yet he has decided to continue calling the deer refuge home.

Texas Fawn and Friends is home to mostly white-tailed deer, native to all of North and South America. The species can live up to 20 years in the wild and is so named for having white fur under its belly and tail. As adults, white-tailed deer can turn tan or brown in the summer months and grayish brown in the winter.

Being from the ruminant family, white-tailed deer have a four-compartment stomach, which makes them feed extremely quickly. An adult needs five to 12 pounds of food a day.

Deer do not have a gallbladder – as do many mammals – so they can eat vegetation that is poisonous to domestic animals.

The raccoon, Jasper, shares space with about 75 orphaned deer, who are currently in the care of Texas Fawn and Friends. Among all these “residents”, one of them can be considered your best friend.

With the same history of losing her young mother, the deer Esperança lives downtown and Jasper makes sure her friend is never alone.

“Jasper just loves her,” Carrie said. “When he sees her, he runs to lick her and love her. It’s just the cutest thing.”

Despite this unlikely friendship, the raccoon and the deer see each other every day. “At night, she comes and lies beside him. They have a nice relationship going on,” Carrie says.

On the Texas Fawn and Friends Facebook page several videos of Jasper and the deer can be seen. Like the video of Jasper playing, one sunny morning, in a water fountain.

Or the raccoon entertained with his deer friends.

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