“The fans got me back in the series”, says Trigo after winning FURIA

THE paiN Gaming overcame the FURY in a playoff series CBOL. After the 3-2 of the First Stage, the team returned to face the Panthers in the first stage of the Second Stage qualifiers and won again, this time by 3-1. One of the great moments of the series was the Sniper’s redemption. Wheat when conquering a Pentakill de Sivir in the second match, paiN’s first victory towards the turn of the series.

“Redemption” because, in fact, Trigo didn’t start the series well. Your opponent of position, Neptunehad dominated the first match ending 14/0/6 for Draven, and the second seemed to be slowly following the same path when Trigo lost the 1×1 in the middle against the Panthers Shooter.

“It looked like I had a truck on my back, a very heavy weight. I felt like that in the first game and in the beginning of the second”, commented the shooter in a press conference after the victory. “But after I died in the middle of the 1-1, the crowd started chanting my name and my teammates reassured me and supported me, I tried to focus as much as possible on what I needed to do, and then Pentakill happened. It was a moment important individually for me. I feel like my whole team was focused, but I was kind of shaky up until that point, and then it was just joy.”

Trigo helped paiN break two streaks in CBLOL. Prior to her victory from Sivir, the Champion had eight picks and no championship wins. Also, FURIA still hadn’t lost on the blue side of Summoner’s Rift: it was nine wins in a row until paiN won the second game of Md5 – and followed it up with two more wins, definitely ending the Panthers’ record.

“FURIA started all the games very well, to their credit, but we also had a plan to scaling, our draft opened up that possibility for them, but we knew that if we could hold the game, there would come a time when they wouldn’t be able to do anything. The word for this series was ‘resilience'”, said Trigo.

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It can be said that FURIA fell into a huge ambush. Last year, we said that paiN, when she reaches the playoffs, becomes another monster. First place in the points stage, FURIA chose paiN as the opponent in the first round of the qualifiers “for the moment” that the Traditionals were living, commented Maestro, the Panthers’ coach – paiN had lost four of the last six games, but they knew what were doing.

“We understood what we were doing wrong early in the championship, so when we confirmed our classification we started to explore options in training and on stage as well, because we know that qualifiers are a totally different championship. This made many mistakes that opponents saw in us already were fixed when we came to this series. We are a much better team than we were showing in the final stretch”, said the paiN Shooter.

The Traditionals advance in the winning bracket of the Second Stage of the CBLOL 2022, which classifies a Brazilian team for the World Cup. paiN Gaming is now waiting for the winner of the clash between RED Canids and LOUD, which takes place this Sunday (14) at 1 pm.

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