This iPhone feature annoys a lot of people

Shake to undo is an iOS feature that has been around since very old versions of the iPhone. It allows the user to erase a text just by shaking the device. Even though the feature was created as a way of accessibility for those who have some movement limitation, it can be an obstacle in the daily use of the device.

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Shake to undo on iPhone generates annoyance over time

If you don’t need to use the tool and haven’t learned how to turn it off yet, you must have had a hard time over the last few years. Because a little fiddling at the wrong time will cause a pop-up to appear asking if you want to undo the text. This can happen even after you have consensually eliminated a portion of the writing.

Fact is that iPhone users who do not use the feature should learn to disable its execution. Although it’s not a big nuisance, it can get in the way and even irritate the common tasks inside the smartphone.

How to disable Shake to undo feature on iPhone?

To disable the feature within your iPhone, follow the instructions that were also shared by the Tom’s Guide portal:

1 – Open Settings, scroll down and tap on Accessibility;

2 – Tap on Touch or Play;

3 – Tap the Shake button to undo and be able to disable the tool.

If you want to reuse the application, just follow all the steps and that’s it, you’ll have the option to go back to your iPhone.

Once you’ve observed each of the steps correctly, you can say goodbye to pop-up nuisances. Smartphone usability will be much more pleasant whenever you want to browse the web, respond to an email or message within specific applications.

Take the opportunity to share with your friend who also has an iPhone and is quite annoyed with the same functionality that comes factory installed on iOS.

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