Who is the cast of Netflix’s new vampire movie?

On Friday, August 12, Double Journey (day shift) comes out of the shadows and finally shows its fangs on the screens. The vampire action movie stars Oscar-winner, Jamie Foxx as Bud Jablonskia vampire hunter who fights bloodsuckers with the support of an international syndicate of vampire hunters.

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Meet the cast present in the latest vampire movie from the giant of the streaming!


Jamie Foxx stars as Bud, a down-on-his-luck Los Angeles vampire hunter whose front job is cleaning neighborhood pools. Foxx won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the famous biographical film ray (2004), but has proven to be a handyman since breaking out in the 90s series In Living Color. he played Art in Power (2020); as a villain electro in two different franchises Spider man and now we can add vampire killer to that list.

SETH (Dave Franco)

Dave Franco interprets Seth, from the administrative section of the vampire syndicate who became Bud’s sidekick. Before that, he played a Seth very different in the drama 6 balloons (2018), the expert pilot six in squad 6 (2019) and the beer entrepreneur Jeff in the TV series easy.

Franco also appeared behind the camera, as director of The Rental (2020), a horror film starring his wife, Alison Brie.


Snoop Dogg can do more than just sing iconic, laid-back verses and rock the Super Bowl halftime show. The rapper appears as Big John ElliottBud’s friend who wears a hat cowboy and a powerful force in the vampire hunters syndicate.

In off-screen life, Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx are lifelong friends.

AUDREY (Karla Souza)

Karla Souza first made her mark in the United States as the law student Laurel Castillo involved in the drama series starring Viola Davis in How to Get Away with Murder. Before that, the Mexican actress starred in soap operas such as Summer of Love and The Heroes of the North. Now she plays the fearsome villain in the film, a super-vampire and real estate mogul.


In Double Journey, Meagan Good It is JocelynBud’s ex-wife and mother of his daughter, Paige. Good and Foxx previously starred in the comedy series Jay Pharoah, White Famous but before he participated in the sitcom Cousin Skeeter gives Nickelodeon; and movies like Saw V (2008), Venom (2018), Shazam (2019), among others.


Zion Broadnax he may be young, but his CV is long. She has appeared on shows like Station 19 and Abbott Elementary. Still, Double Journey is Broadnax’s biggest role so far. She plays Paige, the daughter of Bud and Jocelyn.

HEATHER (Natasha Liu Bordizzo)

loyal fans of The Society will recognize Natasha Liu Bordizzo in turn as the super-religious Helena Wu. In Double Journey, the actress is a kind neighbor of Bud’s who helps him to recover his family from the vampires’ domination.

TROY (Peter Stormare)

Peter Stormare is one of those ubiquitous, indelible actors who seem to be in everything – he has over 200 credits to his name. he worked with Keanu Reeves several times (Constantine, John Wick), played a god in American Godsparticipated in the series fargo and even voiced a vampire in castlevania.

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