Why open relationships are increasingly common

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There are several ‘modalities’ of non-monogamous relationships

Dedeker Winston has been in non-monogamous relationships for over a decade, but I’ve never seen more interest in open relationships than I do now. This subject is traditionally a big taboo in many places, including the United States, where she lives.

In 2014, when he launched his podcast multiamory, she and her co-producers had to decide whether to use their real names on the show about non-monogamous relationships.

“At that time, there were only one or two other podcasts that really addressed this topic,” says Winston, who is a relationship consultant. “And the people who produced and hosted those podcasts used pseudonyms.”

But things have changed. Around 2016, Winston noticed an “explosion of interest about non-monogamous relationships”. That was about a year after she started working as a consultant specializing in this type of relationship.

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